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Naomi Havens self-publishes medical mission
Stealth journey continued
Pictured at the dream campaign. Photo provided
Naomi Havens talks to someone about her ideas of how eating effects a persons health. - photo by Photo provided.

In 2010, Victory Haven was founded as a nonprofit alternative health support organization for the purpose of natural healing education for all health journeys. Since then, founder Naomi Havens and husband Tim Havens have worked locally and regionally to spread what they know to all those seeking an alternative medical route.

They are declaring themselves "medical missionaries," willing to speak and share the gospel of nutrition facts and real-life testimony of how altering one’s diet can radically impact health and over all well-being. Despite the nay-sayers and skeptics, they continue to push forward fully believing they will use their God-given gifts, knowledge and first-hand experiences to continue this stealth journey.

Naomi Havens admits she never intended to write a book or even considered herself a writer.

"The idea for the book came about five years ago. I kept meeting random people who heard my story and kept encouraging me to tell my story. I had no clue how to do that. Then God brought a writing coach and publisher into my life. We had similar backgrounds in the military and religious aspect," she said.

Havens went on to work with Texas-based Our Written Lives-Christian Publishing to work through the writing, editing and publishing process. After a year of commitment to the process, Havens officially became an author.

Her book "Stealth Journey – An uncommon fight against cancer, fear, tradition, and pharmaceuticals" launched in January 2017 and is now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle edition.

The book is an extension of the work that has been going on for years. Locally, Havens has been exploring any avenue necessary to broaden her audience and share her knowledge.

"We still have our weekly wellness group that meets on Monday, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., in Richmond Hill. We cover a variety of topics. This week we are starting probiotics and gut health," said Havens.

Those interested in attending can expect a comfortable setting that is welcoming to all those seeking to learn more about health and wellness. Those attending should also know there are no right or wrong answers and applying oneself to the process aids in the overall life change that needs to take place.

"I have found they do the best when they do the homework and we come back and discuss," Havens said. "There are no right or wrongs, everyone is welcome, we have a variety of people coming, it is not just for cancer patients. It is for anyone interested in learning more about health and wellness."

Victory Haven has been seen sharing information at local and regional events for the past few years and recently attended the 2017 Lowcountry VegFest in Hilton Head Island, The Tybee Island Fitness Fest and the 2017 Bryan County Special Needs Resource and Wellness Fair.

There will be another local opportunity to learn more as Victory Haven will be co-hosting a plant-based evening event and recipe exchange with Georgia Game Changers on Nov. 17. Space is limited, and early registration is required.

Fairs, church events, corporate events and more, the Havens are willing to speak to anyone, anytime and anywhere.

"The word is getting out there. We are getting calls and referrals like crazy now. Cancer is cancer and is all treated the same, the doctors don’t treat it any differently and nutritionally it is all the same," said Havens.

The self-proclaimed medical missionaries are passionate and eager to continue growing awareness, sharing their stealth journey to influence the journeys of others.

For more information on group meetings or other events, email

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