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A mother every day of the year
pastor corner

Last weekend, people all across this country celebrated Mother’s Day.

Most mothers deserve this special day and more since they work tirelessly. Yet many times thankless hours are spent caring for their families.

Ephesians 6:2 teaches us that mothers are to be honored, but it should be more than just one day per year. Just think, if a mother decided to be a mother just one day per year, how horrible life would be.

So, first of all think of ways to honor your mother all the time. In the home, husbands and children ought to regularly say “thank you” for all that she does and to try to make her life easier by lifting her load.

If you are an adult and living away from home, then take the time to regularly call her or spend time with her letting her know how much you love and appreciate her. Secondly, mothers need to continue to care for their families and be the kind of mothers that deserve special honor.

They must understand that one of the key responsibilities is to live that example in front of their kids and to pray regularly for her family.

Being a mother is a 365 day per year job, which deserves a 365 day per year honor.

If you are a mother, how are you doing in fulfilling your God given responsibilities?

And if you have a mother still living, how are you doing in honoring her?

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