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Letter to the editor: Reader blames ‘they’ for everything


“A historical perspective is indispensable for those who want to build a better world.”

They were wrong about Trump’s Russian collusion.

They were wrong about Dominion voting systems.

They were wrong about the Wuhan Lab Leak.

They were wrong about natural immunity.

They were wrong about lock downs.

They were wrong about vaccines.

They were wrong about booster shots. They were wrong about fake Covid numbers. They were wrong about the deadly hospital protocols.

They were wrong about ivermectin.

They were wrong about Dr. Fauci - “Trust me because ‘I am science.”

They were wrong about WHO - the “World Health Organization.”

They were wrong about Hunter Biden’s computer.

They were wrong about Joe Biden’s bribes and corruption.

They were wrong about our “safe and secure borders.”

In the last 8 years, they have been wrong about everything!

Who are they? “They” are the Mainstream Media.

They are the 7 million federal government bureaucrats... known as the “Deep State.”

They are the wealthy elite who think they know better than “The Basket of Deplorables” and they want us to trust them with more power and a $6.9 trillion budget to run our lives and fix all our problems?

This is why the approval rating of Congress currently stands at an all-time low of 19%” It’s time “We the People” wake up and cut our government back “down to size.”

It’s way past time for some new leaders - some better leaders!

Professor M. Thomas Seaman, Richmond Hill

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