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Letter to the editor: Wishes only perpetuate a divide
Letter to the Editor generic


I was disappointed in David London’s article in your paper, July 9th, wanting change in RH as a black man. West Point did not choose him because he is black, but because of his outstanding qualities. His wishes only perpetuate the divide between blacks and whites.

While the death of George Floyd was horrible and those responsible should pay the price, it did not call for burning and looting stores in Minneapolis, which was orchestrated by Black Lives Matter, and did not solve the problem, but made it worse. Black Lives Matter was started by radical extremists and self-described “trained Marxists,” one being Joanne Chesimard, also known as Assata Shakur. Thousand Currents handles the donations and is a convicted terrorist. Hawk Newsome, president, warned that “if this country doesn’t give us what we want then we will burn down this system and replace it.”

The group has its website where anybody can check out these facts. BLM could care less about blacks. Their goal is to tear down the United States.

Mr. London belongs to an impressive number of organizations, with The Falcon Group standing out among them. Mr. London’s going through The Falcon Group, which seems like a plausible way to go about working for blacks.

However, I don’t agree with many of his wishes.

One thing he is asking for is to tear down statues which over the years have been put up and replace them with statutes of black leaders.

Why can’t we have both?

Whomever you choose to put up probably isn’t perfect, as many of the statues that are displayed are of men who were not perfect, but they depict the goings on at that time.

Our history is not perfect either, but it happened and we have tried to correct the flaws, as we continue to do, which Mr. London is also trying to do and we are all behind him but not when he tears down the past.

Liz Bartlett, Richmond Hill

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