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Letter to the editor: Veteran supports Carter
Letter to the Editor generic


Congressman Buddy Carter is a vocal advocate and a champion for veterans in the First District and across the country.

He was quick to recognize the shortcomings of the VA and the lack of care they provided to the veteran community. That all changed drastically when Congressman Carter took action to reform the VA through the VA Mission Act. The VA Mission Act established new requirements, new abilities to remove poorly performing individuals, and finally makes them accountable for their actions.

One of the first bills he had signed into law addressed veteran’s pensions and the issues they face with a bureaucratic system. He has supported numerous bills since 2015 addressing everything from modernizing the VA health system, to mental health funding, to homelessness support, to some of the largest reforms in years for Gold Star Families. In fact, a quick search shows that he has cosponsored nearly 50 bills during his time in Congress directly supporting veterans.

Buddy also shows up for veterans. When there’s an event recognizing or supporting veterans, he is there. As a veteran myself, I know he’s interacting with our community, understanding our concerns, and taking action.

Congressman Carter and his team are also directly helping veterans each and every day. I would wager his staff has helped thousands of veterans across the First District in one way or another. Whether it’s getting their benefits or helping to support their families, it’s clear he’s made it a priority for his whole team to help those in need.

I’m a proud veteran and I’m proud to support Congressman Buddy Carter again this year. He has shown time and again that he’s representing his entire district, and especially the veterans that call this area home.

Sincerely, Shawn Morrissey, COL (R) Richmond Hill

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