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Letter to the editor: RH mayor supports Buddy Carter
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As a mayor, there’s no set framework for how a day will go. Throughout all of the responsibilities of this office, one constant is the need to work together with local, state, and federal partners. Congressman Buddy Carter continues to be a champion for the communities he represents, including Richmond Hill.

Before serving as our Representative, Congressman Carter was a businessman and mayor himself. His actions as a federal representative reflect that knowledge and experience. For instance, the coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone across the country, including hour small town. Congressman Carter voted to support hundreds of billions of dollars in critical funding for our local communities. He also fought for expanded testing for his constituents, employment assistance, and funding to help keep our local businesses running so that they can one day reopen.

When asked to meet with local small business owners over ongoing concerns, he was there without hesitation. As questions swirled about eligibility and how to apply for relief programs, he worked through the local chamber of commerce to get the word out. He also secured money to assist health care providers and health systems to meet the goals of countering this pandemic beyond his work supporting the First District, he has also shown his compassion for his constituents. When a senseless act of violence in Pensacola took the lives of several service members, including Cameron Walters, he worked with the Navy to help secure the posthumous award of the Naval Aircrew Badge.

I’ve never met another person who works as hard for his constituents as Congressman Buddy Carter. His dedication to his district and his constituents should be commended as we work through these trying times.

Richmond Hill Mayor Russ Carpenter

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