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Letter to the editor: Agreeing, disagreeing with publisher
Letter to the Editor generic


I enjoy reading our Publisher Dee McLelland’s columns, re: his June 4th piece, “It’s just one person’s opinion” and 6-11’s, “We need your support”: While it’s true, as McLelland writes, that every “broadcast news” outlet may have an “agenda”, every one of them, including Fox “News”, makes room for the voices of dissent.

But they also deliver news based on unalterable facts. Just because the facts make one political party look bad doesn’t mean the outlet is biased.

Newspapers owned and operated by the more conservative- minded seem to struggle with delivering dissenting opinions most (I’ve been writing op-ed for over two decades; I can tell you stories about partisan sabotage).

While newspapering is being adversely affected by technology, readers also notice over-the-top partisanship from editors/officials and, hence, are reluctant to give their support.

Yes, it’s very easy to make mincemeat of Republicans these days, but they have only themselves to blame for nominating and electing Trump.

That’s one reason us local Democrats are so proud of our “little hometown paper” for adding me to the line-up; I’m known far-and-wide for producing airtight anti-GOP polemic. (It’s also smart business; Bryan County has the fastest growing Democratic Party chapter in Georgia.) Lastly, Mr. McLelland writes, “The person sitting in the White House, Democrat or Republican, has little to do with your day to day life.”

Try telling that to those whose lives are saved by Social Security; or Medicare and Medicaid; or Obamacare; or Civil Rights, etc., all signed into law by Democrats.

It matters to your every- day life which party’s president “sits” in the White House.

Just like our constitutionally- mandated press freedoms matter.

Bernie Evans, Black Creek

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