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Every hour is up for grabs in Army
Military spouse
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Probably the hardest pill to swallow as a military spouse is that the military often comes first. Despite the way my husband would want to prioritize, this commitment we’ve made to our country means that sometimes our lives are out of our hands.
It’s particularly hard when that affects our family. Sure, the Army provides plenty of benefits and support for families. Unfortunately that doesn’t make it easy to make big decisions like when we should start trying for baby number two now that baby number one is almost here. With a deployment to Afghanistan looming in the distance, the idea of two kids under the age of 2 is a little intimidating.
It doesn’t make it easy to plow through the long list of home improvement projects we hope to accomplish before our families come down to meet the new baby. And it certainly doesn’t make it easy to create a birthing plan.
There have been many times when our plans have fallen by the wayside because when his phone makes that ominous sound that indicates a text message from a non-commissioned officer, we know everything can change. Even if it’s just going to work an hour early or coming home two hours late, every hour of preparation counts at this point. And every hour is up for grabs, it seems.
Of course, this is all just part of the job. Military families have been rearranging their schedules for years and probably always will.
I’m not saying it’s wrong — I’m just saying it’s hard to swallow.

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