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Speed limit reduced as military vehicles cross Fort Stewart highways
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Georgia highways 119 and 144 east on Fort Stewart will have significant military vehicle traffic March 10-15 due to a large tactical exercise, Marne Focus, according to a press release sent by the base.

 Drivers are advised to find alternate routes and not use the highways on Fort Stewart those six days. Based on military vehicle movements, delays could take up to 30 minutes.

 If using highways 119 and 144 east, drivers are asked to proceed with extreme caution at all times, day or night. The greatest concern to drivers will be military vehicles crossing highways -- including 70-ton main battle tanks--at any time, day or night, at designated locations. Seventy tons is roughly the weight of 10 African elephants.

 The speed limit at military vehicle crossings will be 35 mph.

Military vehicle crossings are clearly marked with signs and flashing amber warning lights. Soldiers wearing reflective vests and holding flashlights will man crossings. The soldiers will use hand and arm signals to stop traffic. Military vehicles will cross once traffic is stopped. After the military vehicles cross, the soldiers will remove dirt and debris from the road.

 Even with debris removal, roads may remain slippery, so drivers should proceed slowly. Drivers should drive with caution at all times due to dirt and debris on the highways. 

Marne Focus will test the 3rd Infantry Division's readiness and lethality as it prepares a brigade combat team for a National Training Center rotation.

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