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RHRA wants adults, too
RHRA Director Kay Green seeks to offer programs to retirees, stay at home moms, more
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While ‘recreation’ and ‘kids’ often go hand in hand, the Richmond Hill Recreation Association is hoping to expand that to more adults.

"Recreation really focuses on the youth," RHRA Director Kay Green said. "Currently, we offer adult softball and that’s about it. As far as the facilities, I don’t know exactly everything we can offer. The evening hours and weekends are limited, but if we could offer programs during the day to retired residents, stay at home moms, or people with flexible schedules, that’s where I’d like to see some new things."

Green said she wants to hear from the community about what residents want to see and how high the interest level actually is.

At her previous rec center in Atlanta, she started a 'lunch and learn' for retirees and had the gym open for things like local theatre group rehearsals and a quilt making group. While Green said things might not start immediately, depending on what the interest is, new activities could happen soon.

"I really just want feedback about what people want. And that doesn’t mean just sports – it can be anything you do in your leisure time," she said. "Anything that people who are home during the day are looking to do, we can be a point of contact."

Green also said she’s looking to start a new event in Richmond Hill.

"I’d like to bring the Special Olympics here and I’ve already talked to a representative," she said. "Basketball will probably be the first event and I have to have a committee in order to host it. I would serve as the local coordinator but I need a management team of 11 people to help."

The first organizational meeting will be Thursday, Sept. 18 and the commitment will require bi-monthly meetings, with the event to be held in February or March.

"The athletes, ages seven to 17, would compete at a local level and then, depending on their skills and how their qualifications work – because there is standardized scoring – it could lead to district, state or even national competition," Green said.

To contact Green about activities you’d like to see happen at the RHRA, or to find out more about the Special Olympics, she can be reached at 756-4456 or

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