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RHPD reports: Woman says someone stole her human hair wigs
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports: 

Property damage: A Casey Drive woman reported May 4 that someone “broke into her vehicle and stole some wigs made out of human hair in her trunk.”

Police saw damage to weather stripping and scuff marks on the doors and other damage that could’ve been a sign of forced entry, the report said. The woman got a case number and was told to report it if she found anything else missing.

Wanted person: Police were called to an O’Hara Lane address around 2:18 a.m. May 7 because a couple were arguing. The complainant said she and her boyfriend had been at a bar and he “decided to discuss his dislike of several unknown men engaging in conversation with (the woman) at the bar table.”

The woman said she had known the men her boyfriend was going on about for years and didn’t appreciate his jealousy.

He said he pays rent and utilities and felt his girlfriend didn’t appreciate his help. Police asked them to separate, and during an ID check of the man it turned out he was wanted by Hinesville Police for contempt of court regarding traffic violations. He was arrested and given a ride to Highway 196, where an HPD officer picked him up. Speeding, etc: An officer running radar on I-95 around 10 p.m. May 6 clocked two vehicles heading North in a hurry. The radar got a “target speed of 108 mph on the first vehicle then a target speed of 119 on the second vehicle,” the report said.

The slower car was a Corvette in the far right lane. The faster car was white and it was in the far left lane.

The officer was able to pull over the slower car.

The driver “advised he had to use the bathroom and that is why he was speeding.”

He was cited and released due to COVID-19 restrictions at the jail.

Matter of record: A woman in Ashton Apartments reported May 8 someone poured paint on her vehicle. Juveniles were suspected. There was a bucket of paint left nearby due to contractors painingt the apartments. They “were able to obtain a water hose and began working to remove the paint from her vehicle.”

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