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RHPD reports: Neighbor harassment, reckless driver
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports: 

Matter of record: An officer was sent Jan. 21 to an Alexander Way address “in reference to the Complainant believing he’s being harassed by his Neighbor.”

The complainant said earlier the day his neighbor called police “regarding one of his Sons acting irresponsible on a Motor Bike,” the report said, noting “there was another Incident between him and another Neighbor regarding his 11 year old Special Needs Child.” The complainant also told the officer “he’s tried different approaches with the Neighbors regarding his Special Needs Child.” The officer talked to the officer who’d taken the earlier call from the neighbor, then went door to talk to that man, who said “it’s not his intention to harass (the complainant) in any way. He’s just concerned for (the complainant’s special needs child,) and he knows how difficult it can be when it comes to taking care of a Special Needs Child.” The officer then went back and told the complainant what the neighbor said. “He advised he was okay with that,” the report said.

Reckless driver: Police were called to Mainstreet around 5:19 p.m. Jan. 14 regarding a reckless driver in a blue car. There, they found an RPHD officer talking to the driver, who said he’d turned “on to Ivey Street from SR 144 at such a speed that he was unable to stop for the vehicle in front of him that was turning left off of Ivey Street into the daycare parking lot.

He then swerved to the right through the parking area of the nursery at the same rate of speed and continued down Ivey toward Mainstreet. He then noticed the red truck he believed to be following him and actively tried to avoid it,” the report said.

The driver in the red truck was a Georgia State Patrol trooper, who said he was leaving Ford Academy after picking up his daughter when he saw the other car swerve through the parking lot and nearly hit another car.

He followed to get a tag number and estimated the car was going 50-55 mph in Mainstreet and up to 75-80 mph on Highway 17,” the report said.

The guy in the blue car was arrested and later called cops after his car was damaged when it was towed.

Matter of record: A man working in a bucket truck for a tree service was flown to a hospital Jan. 21 after a tree at a White Oak Lane address he was cutting “fell against both the tree and the arm that was connected to the bucket,” a report said. “As a result the bucket was knocked off of the arm falling approximately 3 to 5 stories with (the victim) in it.”

Matter of record: Police were sent to Highway 144 near Publix around 8 a.m. Jan. 24 because the westbound lane in front of the store was blocked by a log truck. Or, more precisely, the road was blocked due to “the logs striking the cab of the truck and the cab being dislodged from the vehicle.”

The driver of the log truck said a vehicle ahead of him suddenly stopped without warning, “at which time he had to apply the brakes hard,” and “as a result of both the rain and the force of the stop, the load shifted striking the cab.”

The man had a minor head injury, but didn’t need EMS. Police directed traffic until the log truck was gotten out of the way.

Matter of record: A man reported Jan. 23 that “while he was traveling west on Port Royal Road, he struck a pack of hunting dogs. (The man) said the accident occurred (about 9:30 p.m. the night before). He advised he as traveling about 50 mph when he struck the dogs.”

The cost of repairing the damage would be “several thousand dollars,” the man said, and he needed a report for his insurance company.

Matter of record: An officer was approached by a woman walking through the parking lot of a gas station shortly before 1 a.m. Jan. 24. She told him she needed to call her mother.

“As the interview continued, (the woman) appeared to have been drinking and was having issues remembering where she came from and how she got to Richmond Hill.”

The woman said she’d been at a concert, but didn’t remember where it was. After checking her name through dispatch police learned she was from “out of Jesup.” As police called the woman’s mother, a man and woman approached. “As they got closer, they began to run/sprint toward us,” the report said. The man was the husband of the woman who didn’t know where she was. The woman was their designated driver.

They stopped for cigarettes at the TA and left her in the car, and when they came back she was gone, so they went out looking for her. Police made the designated driver complete a “Responsibility for Intoxicated Subject,” form, and then “they all proceeded back to Jesup, GA without further incident.”

Matter of record: A man reported Jan. 24 that he was at his home on Lonnie Drive when two white guys showed up with “power drills in hand claiming they were there to fix his dad bolt.”

The man said he told them he didn’t ask for that and they left. He also showed the officer video of the two men captured on his home security camera. What’s more, on his way to the police department he saw them at a convenience store and took a photo of their license plate, which he gave to police. That van belonged to a Rincon based company with no contact information easily available. The officer checked around and didn’t see the van, and other officers and the next shift were also told to keep an eye out for suspicious activity.

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