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Road debris knocks hole in gas tank
Law Reports for Bryan County
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Sept. 7 – An Ellabell man was charged with driving with a suspended license, tag light violation, and fleeing and eluding a police officer. The deputy first put his emergency lights and sirens on after noticing that a red pick-up truck, with tag lights out, picked up speed away from the direction of the patrol car. The truck continued at speeds reported over 90 m.p.h., turned down Bill Futch Road and then disappeared off the roadway. The deputy found it in the woods, in some trees and bushes, noting the man had fled on foot. Backup and a K-9 unit came out, and tracked the man’s trail directly to his front door on Lee Drive. The man’s parents answered the door and told deputies their son was sleeping. Once inside, the deputy identified the man as the one driving the pick-up truck, noting he man had fled barefoot through the woods and displayed small cuts all over his feet and legs. The deputy told him he was under arrest for fleeing, but he responded with arguments and foul language, and refused to get out of his bed. He had to be pinned for the cuffs, and required forceful measures to get him into the patrol car. Once in the car, he began kicking and bashing his head on the side window, and cursed at the officer for the entire trek to the Bryan County Jail. He was given his citations along with a court date. His truck was towed, and a small amount of what appeared to be marijuana was found and taken into evidence for testing.


Theft by taking

Sept. 9 – Police went to the Beulah Church in Pembroke after multiple feet of copper tubing were reported to have been stolen. The complainant said the materials were taken right out of the new building walls, from where they were hooked up to the air conditioning. The report said there were tire tracks leading up to the spot where the tubing was allegedly stolen, with two distinctive sets of tennis shoe tracks. The complainant estimated the value of the tubing to be $269.00 per roll.


Possession of controlled substances

Sept. 9 – A grey Mazda was pulled over at the Liberty County line on Hwy. 17 after repeatedly passing vehicles without dimming its brights, and crossing the fog and center lines of the road several times, the report said. The driver pulled over in the left lane of traffic and was instructed to move to the right side. The deputy said he could smell what seemed to be marijuana coming from the vehicle, and after running the woman’s license, found it was suspended. The woman was taken over to the patrol car while deputies searched the vehicle, finding a partially smoked blunt with marijuana in the ashtray and pieces of marijuana, stems and seeds in the console, the report said. Also, a bag of what police believed to be cocaine was found under the armrest, and a field test reportedly tested positive for cocaine. The woman was arrested, but claimed the drugs did not belong to her, the report said.



Sept. 3 – A man reported medication stolen from his home. The man told police he woke up in the morning, took his medicine, and left the remaining medication on the table. When he returned home he found that someone – he said possibly a neighbor but named no one specifically – came into his home and took the remaining medication for the entire month. He said his Lorcet, Soma, and Valium (narcotics) were all missing.


Damage to vehicle

Sept. 4 – A semi-truck driver flagged down a deputy off the side of Hwy. 280 near Blitchton. The driver said he had been driving west bound on Hwy. 80 when he hit something on the bridge over the Ogeechee. The driver said he object was "picked up by the truck tires and thrown into the fuel tank on the passenger side of the truck…large enough to put a large hole in the fuel tank," the report said. The hole was allowing a large amount of fuel to be spilled onto the roadway. The fire department was called and stood by until a wrecker could tow the truck. SWS made arrangements with the driver on the cleanup.


Matter of record

Sept. 12 – After receiving a number of phone calls in regard to a free property giveaway, a Richmond Hill man finally called police. Apparently, someone made a posting on with his phone number, advertising a free trailer. The posting said workers had left the trailer at his house, and "anyone who could haul it off was free to do so," along with any other work related items in the yard, the report said. The posting allegedly gave the address of the trailer along with a description of the man’s wife’s vehicle. The posting ID number was given, and the complainant said he had emailed already, to ask them to remove the posting, but had not received a response. The deputy could not find a phone number on the web site to call, but the man received a case number.


Lost/stolen tags

Sept. 12 – Two different Richmond Hill residents found their tags to be missing, reported on the same day at the Sheriff’s office. The first complainant said the tag on his Jeep Wrangler was there when he left to go out of town from Sept. 5-7. When he returned, the vehicle’s tag was gone. Similarly, the other complainant said sometime between the dates of Sept. 8-12, someone stole the tag off his boat trailer located at his residence. Both men were told how to get a copy of their respective reports.


From BCSO reports

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