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Council considers vehicles, equipment for 2012
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The city of Pembroke held another budget workshop Monday that allowed department heads to collaborate with city officials and discuss specific needs, including a new police officer and vehicles, maintenance equipment and more, for the 2012 budget.

Police Chief Mark Crowe met with officials to discuss his requests for two new police vehicles and a new officer. Mayor Judy Cook asked Crowe which he needed more.

“We need the cars worse than we need the body at this time,” Crowe said. “We do need another officer, but at least one car needs to be replaced.”

Crowe said the two cars he found were around $25,000 each and came equipped with everything except video cameras and radars.

Crowe also requested two WatchGuard cameras for the cars. City Clerk Betty Hill said there was enough money in technology fees to purchase the cameras.

The police department’s budget for next year should be the same as the current year, with the exception of Crowe’s request for two cars and a new officer, Cook said.

Street and Maintenance Superintendent Herbert Anderson and Water/Wastewater Superintendent Keith Cook each said they need new backhoes, mowers and vehicles for their departments. City officials asked Anderson if he would be interested in sharing the new backhoe with the other department, and he said he needed one strictly for the street and maintenance.

Cook said he would like to replace the backhoe in his department but noted he could make due if the city couldn’t afford it.

“I could probably get by another year, maybe two,” he said. “The only probably is when they get so much age on them, they start breaking and they get very expensive.”

Read more in the Aug. 17 edition of the News.

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