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Lions Club mainstay passes away
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Longtime Richmond Hill resident and former Lion’s Club President Frank Sisco, 77, passed away Saturday.

Sisco suffered a heart attack on Aug. 21 and remained in St. Joseph’s hospital until his death.

Sisco had an illustrious military past, perhaps highlighted by his close ties to several U.S. presidents during their tenure. But you wouldn’t know it by talking to him. Sisco preferred to talk about his current community efforts.

"Frank was the mainstay of the Richmond Hill Lion’s Club," said Lion Club member Billy Albritton. "He completely handled the eyeglass and STAR Student programs and was very active with both. He will be sorely missed – both as a member of this club and as a member of this community."

His son, Richmond Hill resident Mike Sisco, said his father "took a deep interest in this community and the Lion’s Club" during the 33 years he resided in Richmond Hill.

As Chief White House Communications Director for 10 years, Sisco was responsible for communications for Presidents Johnson, Nixon, and Ford.

"That’s one of the reasons he was so secretive about his past," Mike Sisco said. "He was bound to secrecy for many aspects of his job and he lived by that creed."

He said his dad’s position made for some interesting childhood memories.

"Dad was standing on the aircraft carrier when Apollo 13 came down," Mike Sisco said. "In the early 70s, when the Russians made that historic first trip to the United States, we had some of them staying at our house. We used to swim at the pool at Camp David. Dad traveled all over the world and always had tons of great stories from his travels."

Mike Sisco said throughout his travels and adventures, his dad’s main focus was always on his family.

"He adored and loved my momma with every thread in his body and he was always right there for us."

Sisco is survived by his wife of 56 years, Ouieda Mae Sisco. His obituary is on page 3A.

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