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Help keep these flags flying
American Legion flags
From left to right, Hunter Neagle, Eli Foxworth, Bella Neagle and Hayden Neagle. Photo provided.

The American Legion’s Pembroke Flag Committee was honored to be a part of the flag raising ceremony in remembrance of the brave Americans who died on 9/11.

 The Special Services flags were put up in the city of Pembroke by Mr. Veach from the Fire Department, Mr. Kinder of the American Legion Post #164, Hayden, Bella, and Hunter Neagle volunteers from Ellabell, and Eli Foxworth of the Pembroke Flag Committee. 

Would you like to help keep these flags flying? You may mail in donations to: American Legion Post #164 C/O Pembroke Flag Committee Donations PO Box 139 Pembroke, Ga. 31321. 

Your donation will keep these flags in top condition and ready to fly year after year. The American Legion appreciate everything this city and its volunteers do to help continue this tradition.

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