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HB 302 out of the picture for now, officials say
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House Bill 302 didn’t make it to the floor for a vote this session, local governments say.

The bill, which would keep local governments in Georgia from enacting certain design standards on homes built in their communities, was widely opposed by city councils and county commissions around the state.

The bill was backed by home builder groups and the Georgia Association of Realtors as a response to what some see as a threat to private property rights.

Government officials said it’s an attack on home rule, which means local governments decide local issues.

State Rep. Ron Stephens said the bill “is a very divisive issue putting counties and cities against builders and realtors, essentially pitting government vs. business. The use of vinyl siding, while may be appropriate for Atlanta, may not be the best choice for our area where we face strong winds. I am hoping that the parties can get together to fashion a compromise that will protect communities’ ability to establish laws and codes yet allows businesses to operate in manner that is profitable.”

Had 302 or an identical bill proposed in the Georgia Senate, SB 172, become law, then Bryan County’s interim development ordinance would’ve been nullified.

The county is being sued by homebuilders over the ordinance.

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