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Property transfers for August 25
house sale

Deeds filed with the Bryan County Clerk of Courts office in Pembroke recently showed the following property transfers:

Mungo Homes of Georgia to Dawadrain Dontez Clark and Valerie Clark, 644 Castleoak Drive, $294,554, July 29.

Jennifer Gagnon to Lauren Martin, 389 Camellia Drive, $120,000, July 29.

Dream Finders Homes LLC to Travis Chandler Horton and Meghan D. Eisnaugle, 150 Wildlife View Court N., $324,960, July 29.

Thomas R. Jenkins to John N. Williams, 216 Mannie English Road, $212,640, Aug. 1.

Earl J. Gronefield to Thomas J. Miles, 25 J.R. Drive, $149,000, Aug. 3.

Dapper Properties III LLC and Autopar Remainder III LLC to Spirit Master Funding X LLC, 2196 U.S. Highway 17, $1,088,778, Aug. 8.

Mungo Homes of Georgia LLC to Lowell Slaughter and Heather G. Slaughter, 1043 Kingswood Drive, $373,573, Aug. 19.

Ogeechee River Investors LLC to Pima Investors LLC, 3203 Ft. McAllister Road, $2,780,000, Aug. 19.

Kelly Enterprises LLC to Kyle Kincaid, 60 Walker Court, $142,754, Aug. 18.

Jeffrey John Bender to Michael Radnoczi and Rachael Jean Radnoczi, 523 Gandy Cut, $267,900, Aug. 18.

Gregory A. Frohmann to Rebecca Waymans, 86 Churchill Court, $178,000, Aug. 18.

Gary Adrian Filyaw to Robert Jackson, 225 Cottonham Court, $250,000, Aug. 18.

Christopher Sullivan to Roger Binning, 390 Catalina Cut, $227,900, Aug. 18.

Junias M. Jackson to Raymond T. Wagner III and Julia M. Wagner, 32 Salt Grass Circle, $264,000, Aug. 18.

Steven M. Molpus to Austin Thompson and Theo Sarah Thompson, 150 Egrets Circle, $136,800, Aug. 18.

Dana Taylor to James W. Skaggs Jr., 100 Jarrell Road, $48,000, Aug. 18.

JK Homes Inc. to Tanner Simmons, 170 Timberland Circle, $386,451, Aug. 17.

Dream Finders Homes LLC to Patricia E. Davis, 105 Wildlife View Court N., $318,709, Aug. 17.

James Caldwell Begin to Anthony Witkowsky and Deborah Witkowsky, 30 Jacobs Circle, $200,000, Aug. 17.

Anthony A. Witkowsky to Jacob David Vallbracht, 95 Jacobs Circle, $275,000, Aug. 17.

Hinesville Home Center Inc., d/b/a Southern Homes of Statesboro to Sarah Ellington and Vernon Clay Ellington, 275 Elm Road, $146,550, Aug. 17.

Mungo Homes of Georgia LLC to Kellyn R. Montesino and Jaclyn T. Arbogast, 855 Kingswood Drive, $352,881, Aug. 15.

Robert Evans Patterson to American Homes 4 Rent Properties Eight LLC, 80 Summer Hill Court, $179,000, Aug. 15.

Benwood Investments LLC to Tyler Anthony Merritt, 4700 Belfast Keller Road, $715,000, Aug. 15.

Paul R. Raller to Anthony R. Benavides and Ashley M. Benavides, 127 Alexander Way, $162,000, Aug. 15.

Karla N. Parfitt to Eldynn Juna Ross, 337 Osprey Drive, $134,000, Aug. 15.

Lucy M. Neville to Darryl Fuller, 344 Davis Road, $334,500, Aug. 15.

Robert Brian Harrell to Robert C. Kirk II, 30 Tupelo Trail, $220,000, Aug. 15.

Michael L. Markles to Christopher Alan Sparks, 280 Creekside Circle, $145,000, Aug. 15.

George V. Rossi Sr. to American Homes 4 Rent Properties Eight LLC, 25 Summer Hill Court, $180,000, Aug. 16.

Mungo Homes of Georgia LLC to Christopher M. Hall and Cathleen C. Greenwalt, 1647 Castleoak Drive, $254,551, Aug. 22.

Mungo Homes of Georgia LLC to Carlos A. Martinolas, 2620 Garden Hills Loop, $286,627, Aug. 22.

Mungo Homes of Georgia LLC to Charles R. Lorimer and Vicky L. Ray, 2828 Garden Hills Loop, $237,892, Aug. 12.

The Estate of Avery Lee Kelley to David D. Messinger, 298 Magnolia Street, $135,000, Aug. 12.

Jordan Parrish to Daniel Nelms and Devon Liebsack-Pytel, 210 Zachary Trail, $135,000, Aug. 10.

JCH Coast Lifestyle Homes LLC to Michael Royce Parsons, 334 Savannah Road, $486,950, Aug. 10.

Bonnie Watson to Jimmy Hires and Mary Hires, 508 Strathy Hall Drive, $165,000, Aug. 10.

Michael Lavin to Siobhan Clark and Patrick Clark, 10 Bark Branch Road, $255,000, Aug. 10.

Ernest Signature Custom Homes LLC to Betsy French, 422 Sunbury Drive, $230,168, Aug. 10.

Selene Finance LP to Matthew Norman and Elissa Norman, 321 Miner Drive, $140,000, Aug. 10.

Larry Davis to Ryan M. Crangle, 300 Summer Hill Way, $188,000, Aug. 9.

Melanie Boerrigter to Justin J. Vorherr, 521 Laurenburg Drive, $260,000, Aug. 9.

Zachary A. Griffin to Ross M. Hendrix and Karlie S. Hendrix, 353 Ivey Street, $149,900, Aug. 9.

Horizon Home Builders of Savannah LLC to Timothy Stillwell, 68 Saddlebrush Road, $206,000, Aug. 9.

Betty J. Flanagan to Jamie Alexander Phillips, 3773 Fort McAllister Road, $250,000, Aug. 9.

Keller Enterprises LLC to Melissa M. Haguewood, 40 Walker Court, $144,900, Aug. 9.

Aaron Schilke to Elizabeth Turner, 118 Tivoli Marsh Road, $341,500, Aug. 9.

Horizon Home Builders of Savannah LLC to Aliver R. Miller Jr. and Vanessa S. Miller, 18 Roundstone Way, $290,900, Aug. 9.

First Chatham Bank to Johnnie Kaye Bell, 285 Catherine View, $180,000, Aug. 9.

Bozhena Tabakman to Alexander Lewis Honnor and Jane Honnor, 131 Brigham Drive, $244,000, Aug. 18.

Tara Elizabeth Dunn-Ofray as Trustee of the Nancy Dunn Family to Joel Shelby Investments LLC, 79 Ivey Street, $295,000, Aug. 9.

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