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BCSO reports: Road rage incident on Belfast Keller
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From Bryan County Sheriff ’s Office reports:

 Road rage: A man met with deputies at the Publix on Highway 144 around 5:30 p.m. Jan. 1 to tell them what had just happened to him while driving on Belfast Keller.

The man said he was passed by a black pickup going fast and thought it was a friend of his “and flashed his headlights at the truck as it passed,” according to a report.

“The truck then stopped in the road for no reason. Then the truck continued traveling down the road toward Highway 144. The truck came to a stop at the stop sign at the intersection of Belfast Keller and Highway 144. The driver/suspect of the truck exited the vehicle and approached (the complainant’s) vehicle. The suspect tried to open (the complainant’s) car door, but it was locked. The suspect then beat on the roof of (complainant’s) car and told (him) to get out of the car and he would kick his (bleep). (Complainant) told the suspect he was calling 911 and the suspect left the area heading east on Highway 144.”

The complainant, who didn’t want to press charges, gave the deputy the pickup’s license plate number and described the subject, and deputies found it and the man at his address. He fit the description given by the complainant, (a white guy with a beard) but “advised that he has been home” and “anyone could have obtained the tag number off his truck. (He) was uncooperative with deputies. (He) was advised that if he happens to be involved in a similar incident he should call 911 and not attempt to handle it himself for his own safety.”

Aggressive animal: An Ellabell woman reported Jan. 1 that “two hunting dogs with tracking collars had entered her yard and had killed one of her chickens in her backyard. The complainant stated that she attempted to pull the dogs off but was unable to do so before the chicken was mostly eaten.”

The woman said a truck pulled up and a man got the dogs, and told her who he was, and “offered to take the chicken carcass and she agreed.”

The woman said she’s lost seven chickens “over the year,” and asked for a report.

Assault: Deputies were sent to a Buckhead North address around 12:30 a.m. Jan. 1 “in reference to the complainant being assaulted by her neighbors.”

The complainant said she was attacked by two women, and wasn’t sure why. The deputy who wrote the report saw “red marks around her neck and right shoulder area.” The deputy spoke to a man with the same last night as the complainant who said he tried to separate the three and was tackled by a man, who told the deputy “he heard his wife screaming so he just ran into the crowd of people.”

The two women who allegedly conducted the attack said “they walked over to have a conversation with (the complainant) because (her) boyfriend keeps texting (one of the women) trying to ‘hook up’ when she’s not around. (Both women) claimed they were attacked by (the complainant).”

The deputy explained how to take out warrants. He also “advised all parties to stay off each other’s property.”

Later, deputies were sent back out to the home because the complainant’s black Iphone X was missing and her tablet showed it was the phone was at the neighbor’s house. The homeowner said it wasn’t there. The complainant didn’t have a serial number handy, etc.

Custody matter: A deputy was sent to the Kings Ferry RV park on Jan. 1 to check on two kids, a boy age 10 and a girl age 5, who were on a visit with their biological mother. The complainant, the children’s father, said he got a call from the boy earlier in the day saying the mother had been drinking and was mad at them for trying to make a present for their stepmother.

The father said he heard the mother screaming in the background and said a Tennessee court order forbid her from drinking in their presence.

A deputy went to check and was given permission to talk to the kids away from the mother’s presence, and “both juveniles informed (the deputy) that they did not suffer any physical contact from (their mother). However, both juveniles expressed great concern for their safety when (she) drinks.”

That was often, according to the kids, who told the deputy the woman had been drinking “on occasions,” since they arrived for visitation and “that they were very uncomfortable staying at the residence.”

The boy told the deputy he had a cell phone given to him by his father, and the deputy told them to call 911 if “they ever needed help or felt unsafe.”

The deputy then talked to the woman, “who stated she had been drinking but was not an alcoholic as labeled by (the children’s father).” She told the deputy “(the father) could come get the children today if he desired.”

The deputy talked to the father, who “advised me that he was leaving his residence in Tennessee and coming to pick up his children. (He) was advised to request an escort to the residence upon his arrival.”

Simple assault: EMS was called to a Ruby Drive address around 2:15 p.m. Dec. 27 “in regards to a report of a female requesting EMS for an injury to the face from a physical dispute.”

A deputy also responded, and met “with the listed complainant who was currently in the back of an ambulance, who had a noticeable swollen eye.”

The woman “stated that she posted a status on Facebook which resulted in a lengthy exchange of personal messages between her and (a friend). The complainant stated that (the friend) then came to her house … and this is not uncommon and no threats or overt aggressive messages were exchanged so she let (the friend) into the residence and all seemed fine.”

But, “when (the complainant) bent over to grab her pants she stated that (the friend) kicked her in the face before fleeing the area in a (black car).”

Deputies looked for the car but had no luck.

The woman was told how to get a warrant.”

Harassment: A Richmond Hill woman reported Dec. 28 that her ex boyfriend, who she already has a temporary protective order against, “has been making fake Facebook accounts under (different names) and has been using these accounts to contact her and people she knows.”

The complainant said a friend was contacted by someone on Facebook and was told the complainant was having an affair with her husband, and that “nude pictures were sent via Facebook to her friend from (that account), and the pictures in question are known by (the complainant) as pictures she sent (her ex boyfriend) in the past.”

She was given a case number.

Counterfeiting: A deputy was sent to a Parkers in Ellabell on Dec. 26 regarding someone paying for gas with a fake $100.

The complainant said two people in a White SUV came in around 2 .am. and payed for the gas, and when he checked it “with the counterfeit pen” he found it was fake. The man said he went into the parking lot to confront the pair, they said they didn’t know it was counterfeit.

“They returned the change that they had received from (the complainant) and advised him that their father would be en route shortly to pay the difference for the gas they pumped …. As of this time the suspects’ father has not returned to the business.”

What’s more, the complainant described the “suspects as an elderly white female and a middle-aged black male.”

The fake $100 was taken as evidence. The complainant got a receipt.

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