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Fianc interrupts marriage vows to say he loved another person; his bride and everyone present wept
No one expected what this fianc did next! - photo by Lindsey Miller
Jefferson and Jessicas wedding ceremony was flowing smoothly until the reading of the marriage vows. Jefferson had reserved the biggest declaration of love for someone else, taking the bride and the rest of the congregation by surprise.

An unexpected statement of love

As Jefferson and Jessica are about to say their vows, Jefferson begins to read the vows he prepared for Jessicas daughter, Giovana. He lists several things that every real father should do for his daughter (or son). He continues to say, I also give you love, my love, take care of you and always protect you, and [I vow] not to let anything bad happen to you.

He says he cant explain what he feels for her, after all hes just the little stepfather. He says through tears, If I could ask God anything, I would ask that he give you me as a daughter... I would be the proudest father in the world, for having such a beautiful, intelligent and educated daughter as you. He promised to always love her, protect her, and to make her happy. I love you, my love! He says, his eyes full of tears and with a choked voice. Little Gi, her mother, and everyone else watching were moved to sobbing tears.

Little Gi then picks up the microphone to thank him for everything he said, and she accepts him as her father of heart. She expresses her feelings for him through a weeping voice.

Every parent, stepfather or future stepfather needs to watch this!

Hopefully this video will inspire every man, whether a biological father or father figure, to have a noble and sensitive demeanor when it comes to their children or stepchildren. Every child has the right to be raised by parents- biological, adoptive, or borrowed, who truly love them.
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