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9 ways to sweep your wife off her feet
Add a little romance to your marriage every day by trying these 10 things--you'll be surprised how happy it will make her. - photo by Kayla Lemmon
A happy marriage consists of a thousand little things that are done every day to remind your spouse that they are still the love of your life, just like the first day you married them.

When it comes to sweeping your wife off her feet, it isn't always a trip to Hawaii or a diamond in a velvet box that will make her melt. In actuality, it's the little considerate things you do to take care of her and remind her of your love that will be the things she remembers the most.

Try these 9 things, and you'll be surprised how big you'll make her smile. Trust me.

1. Clean up the house

One of the most romantic gestures to do for your wife is to clean up the house--do the dishes, vacuum, make the bed, or do a load of laundry. Chances are, your wife often feels overwhelmed by the amount of chores she has, especially if there are little feet running around her in circles all day. Helping out with the load will show her in a big way how much you love her.

2. Take the kids off her hands for an hour

Suggest that she takes a bath, calls a friend, snuggles up with a book, or watches Netflix for a while, and take the kids outside to play. Or, take care of the kids bedtime routine solo. Give her time to refuel. A woman who has "me time" always feels better about her home life and marriage.

3. Switch up date night

Sometimes even date night can become monotonous. Instead of asking her what she wants to do or what she wants to eat, plan a unique outing that you haven't tried before: mini golf, ice skating, a picnic in the park, or star gazing--the ideas are endless.

4. Plan a spontaneous trip

It doesn't have to be expensive or even out of state. One of my favorite things about my husband is he loves to travel, and he often finds little things that we've never explored before. We'll make a day or a weekend out of it. Find a babysitter in advance, and plan it out. She'll love making memories with you.

5. Make dinner

If you're not a good cook, referencing Pinterest does wonders. Make something simple and get your ingredients in advance, if you're not comfortable in the kitchen. Your wife would love a night off from cooking and chances are, she'll feel very special being so taken care of.

6. Dance with her

Yep, you heard me right! Turn on your wedding song, or one of her favorite songs and take her in your arms. You don't have to be a good dancer to totally woo her and remind her that she's your bride and worth every dance.

7. Get a couples pedicure/massage

After all your wife does every day, she needs to be pampered. Instead of letting her go alone, accompany your wife to the spa to get a pedicure or manicure. If that's not her thing, get a couples massage. The together-time in a relaxing environment will be very beneficial to leaving the stress of the day behind and just focusing on your relationship.

8. Listen to her

This is a big one, guys. A lot of guys are constantly in "fix it" mode, so when their wife complains or comes to them with something that's on their mind, the first reaction is to swoop down like Superman and save the day. While that's super noble of you, we women just want to be listened to 90% of the time. Take the time, free of distraction, to hear her out and listen.

If she wants advice, she'll ask. Listening is a huge way of saying, "I love you" without any words at all.

9. Take an interest in her passions

When my husband asks me about my work and wants to look through the photos I take after a photo session, my heart explodes. I think any woman would agree with me.

Whatever passion or hobby your wife has, make sure to ask about it, learn about it, and take interest in it. Even if it isn't your cup of tea, it's her favorite thing in the world, so make some room for it in your life--even if it just means listening to her gush about it for a while.
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