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8 charming illustrations show us what love is really like
If a pictures says a thousands words, then these drawings say it all. - photo by Emily Cummings
Despite what the movies tell you, love isnt some grand romantic getaway on a beautiful island, composed of dramatic car chase scenes and topped off with kisses in the sunset. Sure, real life can have weekend trips, car mishaps and a kiss or two; which is exactly what these illustrations show. Each of the eight artists below have captured the simple everyday events that remind us all why we love whom we love.

Everyday Love

Indian born illustrator Nidhi Chanani is the artist behind Everyday Love Art, a project she started to highlight the tiny moments that happen every day that bring a couple closer together. Her illustrations are cute snapshots of things we all do every day: brushing teeth, watching television, coming home from work. Love really is in the small things.

Spaghetti Toes

Father and artist Martin Bruckner finds love in the absurd things his darling 3-year-old daughter says. Bruckner really brings those weird phrases alive with captivating illustrations you can check out on his Facebook page, Spaghetti Toes (another classic catchphrase by his daughter). These illustrations show the quirky moments that really do make the best stories and best memories.

Coffee shops and cute words

Pascal Campion has certainly worked for some big names, including Disney, Dreamworks Animation, Cartoon Network and several others. While Campions style has evolved since he began sketching, he says "his inspiration to create and work hard stems from his family. The artists inspiration certainly comes to light in his touching illustrations that give his fans a glimpse into an everyday romance (I mean, read the caption on his Instagram post its adorable).

Love is morning hugs

Korean artist Puuung is the illustrator and founder of her Love is.. project. Her work captures the teeny moments that are easy to miss if we arent looking close enough. It was difficult to pick just one to feature in this article, so be sure to check out her Facebook page and find your favorite.

A (realistic) book about marriage

Author and artist Amber Dusick knows that love and laughter really do go hand in hand. A glimpse from her bio gives you a sense of what her book is like: "My name is Amber Dusick and I have two boys, a husband and two black cats. I also have a fish, but I usually leave him out of bios.

My husband is really, really amazing. And my kids are fabulous. The cats are just okay.

Titled Marriage with Crappy Pictures, the book is just that. Since Dusick said she didnt have a photographer to follow her around to capture what she experiences as a wife and mom, she drew some "crappy pictures" to go along with her stories; and the result is lovingly hilarious.

Jordin and Me

Curtis Wiklund decided to draw his wife Jordin every day for a year. The drawings are sometimes monumental -- a tender glimpse into a pregnancy announcement -- while some are really stunning depictions of just everyday cuteness. And yes, you can look at all 365 photos of a day in the life of the couple if youd like, but I'd be prepared with some tissues. If you still need more, Wiklund has a beautiful Instagram account with photos of their cute kids. You are welcome.


Ernst Berlin isnt the artist in this story, but his request certainly is artistically romantic. For his wifes first birthday with their new baby boy, Berlin wanted to surprise his love with a gift shell never forget. After providing photographs of his wife and son together, he asked 24 artists to each illustrate an image. Each image captures a playful, tender, adorable glimpse into the love of a mother and child, as well as an example of how much a husband loves his wife.

Soppy love

Though Rice works in a variety of mediums, her red and black comics are quirky, relatable and heartwarming at the same time. She started illustrating these comics for her boyfriend in 2011, capturing the soppy moments that are normally seen as ordinary. For Rice, soppy is "somewhere between schmaltzy, sentimental, sappy, and silly, but basically translates to mean adorable." Buy her immensely popular graphic novel titled "Soppy" here.
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