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14 thoughts you've had on Valentine's Day
A funny list, with GIFs, of the various reactions and thoughts we all have on Valentine's Dayboth single and in a relationship. - photo by Kelsey Down
These are all the thoughts you know you've had on Valentine's Day, both sweet and sour:

1. When your friends boyfriend went a little bit overboard on the gifts this year

2. When youre single but you keep seeing lovey-dovey couples wherever you go

3. When its your first time ever NOT being single on Valentines Day

4. When youve got a date on Valentines Day but the goodbye kiss disappoints

5. When youre too in love to care how obnoxious youre being

6. When you feel like you will be forever alone

7. When you see a couple and wonder how THEY found each other while YOURE still single

8. When youre single but you dont even care

9. When you forgot to get your husband anything for Valentine's Day

10. Or when you actually remembered and you can't wait to surprise your wife

11. When you witness a Valentine's Day proposal that doesn't go so well

12. When you're single and ready to mingle

13. When you get a valentine from a coworker whose name you don't know

14. When you and your valentine are actually going to Netflix and chill

But let's not forget what Valentine's Day is really all about.
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