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Life on the Hill Q&A with Cub Scout Pack 400 officer
Pack 400 representing Polar Express at this years Christmas Parade. Photo by Jennifer Bradley
Pack 400 represents Polar Express at this years Christmas Parade. - photo by Photo by Jennifer Bradley

Jennifer Bradley, cub mother and committee chairwoman for Cub Scout Pack 400, answers this week's questions:

Q: What is your name and current role with Pack 400?

A: Jennifer Bradley, fundraiser chair and Christmas Parade chair, Pack 400.

Q: Do you have children involved in Scouting?

A: I have 2 boys who are active in Scouting. My son Logan crossed over to Boy Scout Troop 400 last March, and my son Ryan is a Bear with Cub Scout Pack 400. We have been involved with Pack 400 since moving here in 2010.

Q: Why do you feel it’s important for your children to be a part of Boy Scouts of America?

A: We feel that Scouting is important for our children to be part of because it teaches many valuable life lessons and it is a family friendly organization. Scouting teaches the value of hard work and determination. Our boys work hard to obtain certain badges or to advance in rank. They learn to dress in appropriate uniform and that their behavior should reflect the Scout motto and law at all times. They learn to work with one another and offer help when needed. Scouting also teaches leadership skills. They have specific roles and responsibilities within their patrol. Cub Scouts helps prepare the boys for when they cross over into Boy Scouts. Boy Scouts is very different and requires much more from the boys. Scouting also allows our sons to experience unique opportunities like summer camp, working the Ogeechee Seafood Festival and other various community service projects.

Q: What valuable lessons do they learn?

A: Scouting teaches our boys respect, kindness, courage and hard work. They learn how to build things, fire safety, how to properly pack and set up camp, how to safely use a pocket knife, read a map, tie a knot or prepare a meal. They learn wilderness survival, basic first aid and many other things they may not have otherwise known.

Q: How has Jason Whittaker been an influential den master for Pack 400?

A: Jason has been true asset to Pack 400. He stepped up as cubmaster shortly after his sons joined Pack 400 in 2014 when our then-cubmaster, David Johnson, crossed over to the troop.
Jason is a fantastic leader. He is an Eagle Scout himself. He is patient, kind and committed. He gives 100 percent to the pack with no hesitation. He attends campouts, conducts committee meetings, sends emails and keeps parents informed of upcoming events, conducts our monthly pack meetings and fills in any position left open within the pack. He is truly passionate about making Pack 400 the best that it can be!

Q: Why do you serve in this organization, and how has it benefited your family?

A: We joined Pack 400 in 2010, but it wasn’t until 2012 that we became actively involved. My husband served as a den leader, and I stepped up as fundraising chair that year. I also filled the role as Christmas Parade chair that same year, as it was vacant and the parade was fast approaching. I had so much fun planning it that I have continued to do it for the last three years.
Scouting has been a huge part of our life. My husband is currently an active committee member with the troop and actively participates and attends most Scout functions with our middle son, Ryan, a Bear in Pack 400. As a family, we look forward to the quality bonding time the campouts provide. Our whole family looks forward to each one — even our 3-year-old. All family members are welcome to attend any function, and it’s encouraged. Scouting has provided a strong bond for our boys and my husband. They work on various projects together, from derby cars, knot tying, wilderness survival and safety to community service projects. They enjoy their special time with their dad. We serve in Pack 400 and Troop 400 because we value the impact it has on our boys.

Q: What do you hope to see for the boys of Pack 400 in the future?

A: I hope to see all the boys succeed in all that they do. I hope to see Pack 400 continue to flourish and expand. I would love to see at least a few make it to Eagle Scout. It is a very prestigious and distinguished honor that only a handful ever achieve. It would make me proud to know that we had a hand in helping them achieve that goal.

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