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Pembroke blood drive meets goal
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A blood drive held by the American Red Cross at Pembroke City Hall on July 19 collected 25 pints, successfully meeting their goal.

In addition, Jodie Jernigan of Richmond Hill was the winner of a drawing for a $50 gift certificate.

Due to the holidays, blood supplies drop during the months of July and December. Blood drives are held approximately on a 56 day rotation cycle. It takes the human body 56 days to replenish itself after each blood donation. At each drive the Red Cross aims to collect 25 pints. Each pint can be split into three different blood products possibly saving three lives. With this method, a 25 pint drive could save up to 75 lives.

The blood drives were once held at the Welcome Center in Pembroke. In August, 2005 the blood drives moved to City Hall. The Red Cross would like to make this site an organized, fixed site where local donors can donate regularly at 56 day intervals. In time, the Red Cross hopes to develop consistency and a repeat donor base.

The next scheduled blood drive in Pembroke is Oct. 12. Richmond Hill has a blood drive set for Aug. 8 from noon-7 p.m. at Richmond Hill First Baptist Church.

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