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A tender and flavorful steak that wont have you asking, 'Wheres the beef?'
Belles Marinated Tuna Steaks - photo by Brenda Stanley
Before deciding it isnt for you, I would suggest trying a tuna steak at least once. Even if you dont like fish, this dish is very hard not to like.

It is hearty with a meaty and savory flavor. Tuna steaks are easy to cook and are very tender. I like to marinate them and cook them on the grill, but they can be fried or baked as well. It is important not to overcook them because they will dry out and not be as flavorful.

Dont be afraid of the deep red flesh. Most tuna steaks are served very rare, and I like mine about medium rare. I also love the health benefits of tuna because it is full of protein and low in fat and calories.

Try something new you may find a new favorite.


Belles Marinated Tuna Steaks

4 (4-ounce) fresh Ahi tuna steaks

cup bottled teriyaki sauce

Lettuce and tomatoes (chopped and tossed)

Balsamic vinegar

Place the tuna steaks in a sealable gallon-sized plastic bag. Pour the sauce over top and seal. Place in a shallow pan to allow the marinade to get to all the steaks. Chill for about an hour, turning the steaks after 30 minutes.

Heat the grill or griddle to medium-high. Spray with cooking spray. Shake off excess marinade and place steaks on heated griddle.

When the sides of the steaks start to turn opaque, flip and cook another four minutes. This should get you medium-rare. Remove from the grill and slice thin.

Place on top of lettuce and tomatoes and drizzle with the vinegar.
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