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Use His way to avoid devil's tricks
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This week has been beautiful, and I think spring is finally here to stay. We have been fooled before with a cold front sneaking its way back in. Well, speaking of being fooled, Tuesday was April Fool’s Day where many a folk were hoaxed or tricked. Most of this was all done in fun and brought much-needed laughter.
The Bible says that there is a type of being fooled that isn’t funny at all. Psalm 14:1 tells us that “The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God.’” In other words, there are people who have been fooled into believing God doesn’t exist. The devil himself is the one playing this joke on humanity.
What are the consequences? First, by not believing in God, they are missing out on having a personal relationship with a loving Father. They are forfeiting peace, forgiveness and eternal life in a place unimaginable. Secondly, they are choosing a life of sin with its consequences and eternal punishment.
The great news for us all is that we don’t have to be fooled. We can open up our minds to the truth and choose to accept God’s perfect will for our lives. We can experience fulfillment becoming followers of Jesus — God’s way to all of his promises.

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