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Give family and the Lord your attention
pastor corner

I continue to be fascinated by the advances in technology.
From high-definition televisions to cellphones and tablets to computers, the powers and abilities of these devices continue to grow. In so many ways, they dominate our lives.
I am grateful to have a computer. Mine is only a few months old, and I can carry it in my book satchel. And yet, it has the ability to store more documents than any other computer I have ever had. I have a tablet now, too; both of my sons were amazed when they learned that.
Computers can help us in so many ways. We can look up information in a flash, communicate with people on the other side of the planet, pay bills and sell stuff. A computer can be a blessing.
But as I already mentioned, they can dominate our lives. How many times have I seen families eating together in restaurants, but not talking with each other? All of them are texting someone else on their phones. They are together, but not together.
Many years ago, the preacher who did pre-marital counseling with my then fiancée and me taught us an invaluable lesson. We were sitting in his living room, talking about our upcoming marriage. His phone rang, but Brother Smith continued to talk to Tina and me. The phone rang again. Tina and I looked at it and then at each other. We wondered when he would answer it. By the time it rang the third and fourth times, you could tell that the two of us were a bit tense.
And that’s when the lesson took place.
Brother Smith looked at the two of us and said, “You know what I have learned? When that thing rings, if you just sit still and stay quiet it will eventually stop.”
In that moment, he told us, “Right now, I am with you, and you are more important. Whoever is calling will call back if it matters. But now, you are my priority.”
I have not always lived by that lesson, but I know it is the truth. When you are with your family or friends, give them your attention. When you are in worship or prayer, concentrate on the Lord. Have priorities and live by them.
May I encourage you to do the same? You’ll be glad you did.

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