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Chiropractor warns of misaligned spine
Palmer Chiro pic two 146522
Dr. Trace Palmer stands with his wife. - photo by File photo

The 2016 Subluxation Outreach Campaign is a global initiative to educate and inform the public about the causes and effects of vertebral subluxation.

The primary cause of nerve interference is found in the spinal column. When the spine is in its proper position, it protects the nerve pathways.

However, when spinal vertebre become misaligned, interference to the nerve impulse occurs, which reduces the overall function of the nervous system. Nerve disturbance caused by the spinal column is called a vertebral subluxation.

The March Subluxation Outreach Campaign will focus on educating the public on the documented effects of vertebral subluxation on the endocrine systems as well as on the human metabolism. Specific weekly topics will include:

• Vertebral subluxations and diabetes

• Vertebral subluxations and hormonal imbalances

• Vertebral subluxations and thyroid disorders

• Vertebral subluxations and depression

“Insulin receptors and insulin signaling proteins are widely distributed throughout the central nervous system. New evidence now indicates that insulin participates in the central nervous system control of food intake and body weight, and the stage is not set for studies to determine if impaired central nervous system signaling contributes to the pathogenesis of two common metabolic diseases, obesity and type-2 diabetes,” according to Science Weekly.

Palmer is available for lectures and interviews and can be contacted at 912-756-3433 and

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