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Cookbook review: 'The Cookie Companion' goes beyond the typical cookie cutter
"The Cookie Companion" is by Georganne Bell. - photo by J'Nel Wright
"THE COOKIE COMPANION: A Decorator's Guide," by Georganne Bell, Front Table Books, $21.99, 160 pages

In her latest book, The Cookie Companion: A Decorators Guide, Georganne Bell covers all things cookie, leaving little to chance. She addresses icing consistency, and the technique used for each type, as specifically as she covers colors and tools for applying the perfect icing.

The highlight of this cookbook is her inventiveness. By venturing beyond cutter shapes, Bell shares ideas that maximize any cookie cutter collection. For example, a Christmas tree becomes an angel or a duck becomes a mermaid. By combining shapes, Bell creates new designs, such as a bell that becomes a cow, a bear that becomes part of a babys toy and a clover that becomes part of a bouquet.

This book isnt for the casual weekend cookie baker relying on freezer bags and canned frosting. This book is for true cookie enthusiasts who are committed to creating, and investing in, edible art.

She shares three cookie and three icing recipes as well as color charts and tips for tinting icing. In a section called Compendium, she alphabetically lists the approximately three dozen projects, several techniques, a variety of tools, and other references and terms, from Airbrush to Zebra.

Can anyone become an eye-popping-cookie artist? Not really. Bells technique is intimidating as much as it is dazzling. However, if you are willing to drop your hand in the fondant and work it, The Cookie Companion will hold your other hand and show you how to create yummy in a beautifully masterful way.
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