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5 tips to make your next move a breeze
If you dread moving because it means you have to pack, don't worry! Here are 5 tips to make your next move a breeze, leaving you and your family more time to enjoy the experience. - photo by Cristel Romero
I really dislike moving. I really, really do. Yet, I seem to keep doing it. In fact, I am in the middle of moving right now. This is our 6th move in the course of the 10 years weve been married. And, since I am working on being a positive, I am choosing to focus on what these moves have taught me. I have mastered the art of moving.

Here are 5 tips that will make your move easier.


The very minute you decide to move, start clearing out the old, unused and unwanted. Get rid of all those things you were hanging on to just in case." Trust me: when you get settled in your new home, you will find more things to save. It will amaze you when you realize just how much you have taking up space that is unnecessary. You might consider donating what you don't need to your local Goodwill Industries or Salvation Army.

Start packing immediately

Do not wait until your move gets closer. Once your home sales or you find out your exact moving date, get started. There are plenty of items that are not a daily need that can be boxed away. My favorite room to tackle first is the kids toy room. They dont need so many options to make a mess with. Leave out a few of their favorites and box the rest. Find other rooms/closets you can do the same with.

Find used boxes

Never go out and buy boxes. It can be very costly, and with the short amount of time you use them, no amount of money is worth them. Call or go into a local store and ask for used boxes. These boxes are usually set to go to recycling, and the stores are more than willing to let you take them. Do, however, make sure to buy a good brand of boxing tape to help keep the boxes secure.

Utilize plastic cling wrap

I absolutely hate doing laundry simply because it means I have to put the laundry away. I hate it. But, do you know what is worse? Having to put away all the clothes in your house at once. That is pure torture. So, grab your favorite brand of plastic cling wrap, and head to the closet. Crunch all your clothes together still on the rack and wrap the plastic around them to tightly secure the clothes in place. Make sure to wrap the plastic around the hanger bottom as well so you dont have hangers falling out (that would defeat your purpose). Once you are done, head to the moving van or your car. At your new home, simply put the hangers on the rack of the desired closet and unwrap. So simple and time saving!

Dont empty drawers

As mentioned, putting away clothes is a waste of time and flat-out no fun. Instead of unpacking dresser drawers, simply pull the drawers out, and set them aside. Take the dresser out to the moving truck, and then simply put the drawers back in. Make sure to secure the drawers in place with a small amount of tape or with other items pressed up against the dresser. Then, once you arrive at your new destination, repeat the process.

These are simple tricks and advice, but they will make a world of difference when it comes to making the move. Its all about saving time and energy so you can enjoy your new surroundings and focus on the fun stuff. Who wants to be putting away endless amounts of clothes when they can be decorating their new house?
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