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6 amazing benefits of kissing the one you love
Kissing and telling your partner you love them goes beyond a simple expression of love. It brings many benefits to both your marriage and children. - photo by Ruth Aguirre de Huppe
What difference can kissing your partner make in your day? A study in the 1980s revealed that men who kiss their wives before going to work live longer, have fewer car accidents and earn a higher income than men who dont.

I've always considered the time I have with my husband to be a blessing from God. I live every day as if it were my last with him. For both of us, its always important to express ourselves, speak kind words and say I love you at every opportunity.

Do you kiss your partner and tell him that you love him each day before going to work? The kiss and statement of affection go beyond just an expression of love for your partner; it brings numerous benefits (I list only six) for both your marriage and your children.

1. It creates more trust in the relationship

Just a kiss in the morning and a loving word makes your partner remember all day that someone loves him, and makes you assured that you belong. Unfortunately, many marriages go years without expressing affection, and often result in divorce or an unhappy relationship. Dont let that happen to you. A sincere kiss is a simple expression of love that can potentially save your marriage.

2. Improving communication

A kiss can open the gate to improving both the frequency of conversation and the way you communicate in your relationship. If your partner knows you're happy and you want to see him he will come to you after a long day wanting to talk and spend time together.

3. Make your love grow

A kiss every day makes you sigh, makes you dream and fills you with joy. How can we not feel more love for that person?

4. Makes you excited to start your day

When everything goes wrong at work or there are money problems, illness or other challenges, something tender and sincere like a kiss can change your perspective on the day.

5. Children will learn how to express love

I remember seeing my parents kiss and hearing them say I love you, when my dad went to work in the morning. When he walked in the door at the end of the day, my mom was so happy to see him that we also ran to meet him at the door. Now that I have my own family, Im doing the same thing that my parents did. My husband also shows our children he loves me when they see him give me a little kiss when he gets home.

6. Improve your health

Kissing improves your heart. It makes your body produce adrenaline which makes your heart pump more blood in your body. Scientific studies show that frequent kissing stabilizes cardiovascular activity, and lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Also, kissing burns calories, strengthens the immune system, relaxes and combats body pains.

Never underestimate the power of expressions of love. You can brighten your life, strengthen your marriage, improve your health. It teaches future generations that saying, "I love you" and sharing a kiss makes a difference. So do you think it's important to kiss your loved one and tell him you love him every day?

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