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God is with you always
Pastor's corner
pastor corner

What a disastrous day it was! It was supposed to be exciting. It was the day when the renovations to our bathroom were to be completed. New flooring and tile, a new tub with jets.

Finally, we would not have to go across the house for a shower (a first-world problem, yes, I know).

But one by one, things began to happen. A grab bar was placed in the wrong place, and it was drilled into the tile. Then the shower door shattered. And then, after everyone had left, my wife began to fill the tub for her first bath in her new tub.

I’m not the sharpest tack in the box, but I have learned something very important for the health of my marriage. When I hear, "BRAD!" at a certain decibel, I know not to ask questions. Just run in the direction of the voice.

And when I got there I saw it, too. Water flowing out from under the new tub, flooding the bathroom floor. And my heart sank.

Turns out it was a fixable problem. One of the jets in the tub was not connected securely. The plumber had it fixed in a few minutes.

But when it was happening, I didn’t know it would be an easy fix. In fact, all of the possible horrible scenarios flashed through my mind. Would we have to take out the new tub? Would the new tile have to be torn out? Would we have to dig up the cement slab?

My mind was going a hundred miles a minute, and all I could think of was the problems that had arisen. Isn’t it fascinating how easily we become overwhelmed by negative events? We manage to see "the cloud in every silver lining," and yes, I know I have that backwards. But we are often better at seeing the problem and the pain that the solution.

God has promised his children that he will never leave us nor forsake us. He will not leave us alone. He will not abandon us. He is faithful, and he can be trusted.

I’m not sure what you are facing today. It could be something far more serious than a bathroom renovation foul up. But I can assure you of this: God has his eye on you.

You can trust him, no matter what you face. He is good. He loves you.

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