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Five for Families: Some trilogies are worth watching
From left, Po (voiced by Jack Black) and his long-lost panda father Li (voiced by Bryan Cranston) pose for a portrait in DreamWorks Animation's "King Fu Panda 3." - photo by Caresa Alexander Randall
Here are five movies from various platforms families may want to consider as recommended by Because not all are appropriate for younger children, age recommendations are included.

The rule of three in writing suggests that things that come in threes are more funny and memorable. The recent release of "Kung Fu Panda 3" may be proof that some trilogies are worth watching. Here are five franchises for families to consider.

In Theaters: 'Kung Fu Panda 3'

The story continues as Po is reunited with his panda father, and the two must train a village of fun but clumsy pandas to fight a supernatural villain. The Dove Foundation awarded the movie its "Family-Approved" seal for ages 12 and older, noting that the film continues the series with "a lot of energy and creativity" and the theme of "be the best you that you can be." Common Sense Media calls the film an "effective, entertaining story about family ties and establishing your identity." It notes a "scary supernatural bull monster" and "a series of frequently intense battles that may scare kids; some could also be upset by flashback scenes of parent-child separation." The film is rated PG for martial arts action and some mild rude humor. Common Sense Media recommends the film for viewers ages 6 and older.

Redbox: 'Toy Story 3'

Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the gang plan their escape when they are donated to a day care center after Andy leaves for college. The Dove Foundation awarded the film its Family-Approved seal for all ages, calling the film delightfully clever and recognizing the franchise is alive and as enjoyable in this third installment as in the previous two films. recommends the film for viewers ages 6 and older.

Amazon Video: 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days'

The Dove Foundation awarded the film its "Family-Approved" seal for all ages and noted that the saga is the "cleanest of the three Wimpy Kid films," with "themes of honesty, integrity and understanding why others including our parents may become disappointed in us due to our actions." Parent Previews cautions that the main character's "immaturity (has) become outright meanness." recommends the film for viewers ages 7 and older.

Netflix: 'Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over'

In this third installment of "Spy Kids," Juni must save his sister Carmen, who is trapped in a video game. The Dove Foundation awarded the film its "Family-Approved" seal for ages 12 and over. refers to the film as having "strong moral elements regarding family, humility and love." The website also notes there is no foul language and nonthreatening action violence but some monsters might be a little scary. recommends the film for viewers ages 8 and older.

Amazon Video: 'Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End'

Captain Jack Sparrow returns in the third film for what Common Sense Media calls "swashbuckling action." The website notes that it has "more death, action, and violence than most superhero flicks" and that the nearly three-hour long movie has "so many double crosses and betrayals, the plot may even be confusing for adults." The film is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of action/adventure violence and some frightening images. recommends the film for viewers ages 12 and older.
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