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Podcasts to run to
Tired of listening to music? Podcasts are free and entertaining. They're can be the perfect distraction on a long run. Here are my top 10 current podcast favorites. - photo by Kim Cowart
While the days get longer, so do my runs. To keep myself entertained during my solo adventures, I skip the music and plug in podcasts. There are the popular favorites like "Missing Richard Simmons" or "S-Town." There is an abundance of fitness podcasts, but there are a wealth of podcasts on every topic waiting for your ears and theyre free. Heres what Ive been listening to lately.

1. "Awesome Etiquette" Like the name suggests, it's a truly awesome show dedicated to answering questions about modern-day etiquette. Hosts Lizzie Post and Daniel Post Senning, yes, they are descendants of the queen of etiquette, Emily Post, handle questions ranging from the traditional, how to handle a guest who has overstayed his welcome, to the contemporary, whether or not to use e-invites to a wedding. All questions are answered with consideration, respect, and honesty in mind.

Favorite episode: No. 16 Angry Donors

2. 'I Hate My Boss' Despite the title, you dont have to hate your boss or your job to enjoy this show. Liz Dolan, of "Satellite Sisters" fame, and Larry Seal, both of whom have been bosses and bossed, bring their expertise to help answer workplace dilemmas. How do you handle a boss who micromanages? How do you set boundaries with a chatty co-worker? They have you covered and do it all with a sense of humor.

Favorite episode: No. 6 Family Business

3. "I Was There Too" Matt Gourley loves classic movies and television and makes me love them too. He interviews people who were on the sets of some of the most beloved movies and gets the stories no one else has.

Favorite episode: No. 6 Back to the Future Trilogy with Tom Wilson (Biff Tannen).

4. "Voices of Reason" Keeping it local with this one. Jasen Lee and Amy Donaldson tackle issues from a Utahns perspective. They explore the complexities of immigration, mental health and the current economy as it relates to the Beehive state. They arent afraid to ask questions and bring in experts to help them, and us, understand what it all means.

Favorite episode: How to Really Help the Homeless

5. "Katie Couric" As a Katie Couric fan, I was thrilled to see her do what she does best: interviewing some of the most fascinating people and digging up the most interesting stories. She talks to everyone from Neil deGrasse Tyson to Valerie Jarrett.

Favorite episode: Ina Garden Who knew the Barefoot Contessa used to work for the White House Office of Management and Budget?

6. "You Must Remember This" Another show about Hollywood, this podcast delves into the backstories of some of the icons of early Hollywood. Karina Longworth is a former movie critic for LA Weekly whose mission it is to sift through Hollywood legend to find the truth behind the scandals and stories. If you loved the FX show "Feud: Bette and Joan," youll love this podcast. Check out her Dead Blondes and Six Degrees of Joan Crawford series.

Favorite episode: Ep. 14 Bacall, After Bogart

7. "Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People" I discovered this podcast last summer and binged the entire series in one long road trip. "Beautiful Anonymous" as its known to its fans, is the brainchild of comedian Chris Gethard. In each episode, he tweets out his phone number and he answers a random call from a person who remains anonymous. Its through the anonymity that emerges some painful, often thought-provoking, occasionally hilarious, but always entertaining stories.

Favorite episode: Make Fruit Baskets Great Again, a conversation with a Trump supporter pre-election that left me less angry and more understanding.

8. "How to Be Amazing" I often ask myself how to be amazing. Michael Ian Black asks the question directly to amazing people and gets concrete answers. Find out how Lin-Manuel Miranda became, well, amazing. Jim Gaffigan, Ira Glass, Tim Gunn all sit down and open up their amazing lives.

Favorite episode: No. 43 Al Roker"

9. "Bob Schieffers About the News with H. Andrew Schwartz" I used to teach high school journalism, and as journalists go, Bob Schieffer is among the best. He talks to journalists about journalism and the state of the news today. Its a news junkies dream.

Favorite episodes: a tie between Stephen Colbert: Trump Stole My Pig and Nancy Youssef, a Muslim Overheard at the Pentagon.

10. "The Nerdist" This shows been around a long time, and Im late to the party. Better late than never. Comedian and self-proclaimed nerd Chris Hardwick teams up with his fellow nerds Jonah and Matt to interview celebrities and have fun in the process. The shows are less like interviews and more like conversations where eavesdropping is acceptable and expected.

Favorite episode: Depeche Modes Dave Gahan.

You can download all of these on iTunes.
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