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The three scariest words in English
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Rich DeLong is executive director of The Suites at Station Exchange. - photo by File photo

What are the three scariest words of the English language?  On a serious note, it could be, “You have…(fill in the blank)."  The “blank” could most likely be the scariest word of all.  For my sister it was “cancer.”  I was in her doctor’s office on the day we were told that she had a very slim chance of survival.  She died a couple months later on my father’s birthday.
My sister, Missy, was a great mom and wife.  She was an extremely conscientious and hard-working person; both God-fearing and loving, and she could make a friend in a matter of moments.  Missy was also a very comical and funny person — so it is at this point that my article gets less serious.  Missy would want it that way.
Maybe the three scariest words are, “I don’t know.”  How many times were you somewhere when at least one person should have known something – but no one knew anything?  The good thing is it’s not a crime to not know something.  It’s also a good idea not to fake knowing when you don’t know.  Trust me that will get you into trouble every time.
“Be a man” could definitely be the three scariest words you ever hear; especially if you are just a boy.  I remember when we were on a family skiing trip years ago in Utah.  Our daughter Kaitlyn was about 9 years old and she fell and hurt her knee.  Being both the athletic but also sympathetic parents that we were, we told her to “Suck it up."  After a trip to the emergency room the next day we realized that was probably not the best three words we could have used.  As expected the attending physician was not impressed with our parenting skills.
Some say, “I love you” is three scary words.  I don’t think they are near as scary as, “Approach the bench,” or “Guilty as charged."  Not that I have ever experienced those words before.
I’m pretty sure if Jennifer was to ask me, “Notice anything different?” — It would not end well for me.  I have been on the receiving end of, “Was that you?” “You did what?” “Are you kidding?’ and “Don’t say anything!"  Those didn’t end well either.
I have used the three words, “just for fun” and “one more time” in many situations and I can’t recall any of those ending with even a hint of real positive outcomes.  So those are words you should definitely be wary of if you hear or say them.  And any sentence that starts out with, “You won’t believe” typically does not end well.
“Get a plunger” are three words that can’t be good.  “Take off everything” is definitely scary in my book.  “This won’t hurt” always seems to hurt, right?  I have been known to say quietly to myself, “Please not me,” only to find out otherwise.  And when I was a kid I used to hear quite often the phrase, “try this please."  Uh, that never worked in my favor.
A few weeks ago I said to my wife, “Mom’s moving in."  Wow!”  You should have seen the reaction that I got from those three words.  Never underestimate the importance of clarity in what you say.  What I meant to say was Mom’s moving in with us at The Suites At Station Exchange.  
Whew!  Stay well my friends.

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