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A reminder from a dead bird
pastor corner

The other day I went out to the garage and spotted a hummingbird flying up near the ceiling. I had opened the door so that is how it was able to fly in there. I attempted to chase it out, but it would only fly higher. I figured that if I left the garage door open that it would fly out on its own, but the sad news is that I spotted it yesterday dead on the floor behind something. During the time that I was trying to chase it out my mind went to a story I heard years ago from a radio broadcaster, Paul Harvey. He told a story of a woman who was a Christian who could not get her husband to become a believer.

She went to Christmas Eve service of which he declined the invitation to go.

It was a cold snowy night and while he was sitting reading the paper, he heard a thumping on the window. It was a flock of birds trying to find shelter from the storm. He decided to go outside and try to encourage them to go into the barn of which door he had opened and had turned on a light. He put breadcrumbs inside trying to entice them but all he did was to no avail.

The problem was that they were afraid of him and he thought to himself, “If only I could let them know that I just want to help them, and if I could only become a bird I could direct them to safety”. (This is exactly how I felt) At that moment he heard the church bells ring and realized that this is exactly what happened with the coming of Jesus Christ. John 1:14 reminds us of this when the author writes, “The Word (Jesus) became flesh and made his dwelling among us”.

I wish that my personal story concerning the bird had a happy ending, but God has made a way so that the story concerning us and our eternity can.

What we must do is to say “yes” when Jesus asks of us, “come follow me”.

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