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New DMV requirements not clear
Letter to the editor
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Editor, I have just read the Bryan County News article about the difficulty in obtaining and renewing one’s driver’s license. I feel it is my duty as a concerned citizen to inform the public of an additional requirement not mentioned in your article.

All citizens who have had their name legally changed from the name displayed on their birth certificate are required to show proof of the change. My wonderful and lovely wife of 32 years was refused a license on the first attempt at a renewal because she did not bring our marriage certificate. This requirement, which was not made clear prior to our first trip, caused a second trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

We all know how frustrating one trip to the DMV can be. I hope this information can prevent other citizens the anguish we experienced from long lines, agitated employees and frustrated individuals. The tension at the DMV was palpable.

This was yet another example of our government’s infringement on Americans’ civil liberties. It was explained to us by a DMV employee that this was for our protection.

However, I do not feel any safer — just annoyed and irritated at this example of a bureaucracy gone mad.

— Zeke Ondriezek, Richmond Hill

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