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No to Sunday alcohol in Bryan County
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Dear Editor:


When I read the article "County talks Sunday alcohol" on page 1, July 8, 2009, my heart melted. What a shame that our commissioners think we might need more alcohol sold in our county. Alcohol is a drug. More drinkers mean more drunks. Which means more alcoholics. Which means more drunk drivers. Which means more traffic accidents, more deaths, etc. Especially on Sundays. What is wrong? Are the funeral homes complaining about not getting enough funerals, or is the AA running short of patients? Oh! It’s all about money? What’s next? Legalizing marijuana? Prostitution? Would that not raise more money too? Or maybe lowering the drinking age to 16?

What we really need are a new set of county commissioners, like the ones who helped make Sunday liquor sales illegal in the first place. Perhaps I can organize a new set of candidates for the next election. Why not bring this issue before the voters of Bryan County and see what they think about it?

I am not writing solely from a Christian perspective, but in the interest of common sense as well. Just do your research. Has any city, county, or nation ever been improved by increasing or easing access to alcohol or other drugs?

I am willing to debate any council member, or anyone else on this issue, publicly or privately. Let them just see what happens if they actually do what is proposed. Also, for the record, why not publish a list of the commissioners who condone and who oppose the issue, if you would?


Erman Hager


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