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Feeling unloved
pastor corner

Last Sunday I spoke about a lady named Leah, who ended up being the wife of one of the great patriarchs of Israel. If you want to see her story go the Genesis chapter 29 in the Bible.

One of the points I made was that in her marriage she felt unloved by her husband but the Lord of heaven noticed this about her and interceded on her behalf. She went from a women who sensed no value to one of great value. It was all because her God took notice and was gracious to her.

As I prepared this message my thoughts went to the reality that there are many in our world who don’t feel loved or appreciated.

Who are these people; Maybe it is children who have been abused or disowned. Maybe it is spouses who have been cheated on or abandoned? Maybe it is those who have considered themselves worthless because of failures in their past. Maybe it is those who have become products of misfortune.

The great news is that even if no one else shows us any love, God will always love those who seek after Him.

God also shows His love to humanity through those of us who are His representatives.

So, how are you showing God’s love to those around you?

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