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The Fall of Noah, part 9
pastor corner

By Dr. Lawrence Butler, The Bridge Church, Pembroke.

The new beginning promised a wonderful life for man upon God’s earth.

The blessing of God was again upon the world as it had been in Eden. That fellowship Adam and Eve enjoyed with the Lord was renewed and “God blessed Noah” (Gen.9:1). Man’s dominion over creation was restored and he was told to replenish the earth.

Unfortunately, once again sin raised its ugly head and Noah fell into transgression. He planted a vineyard, got drunk, and “was uncovered within his tent” (Gen. 9:2 earth that had been restored by God, so was Noah 

2. Adam was made lord of creation, as was Noah.

 3. Adam was told to be fruitful, multiply, and replenish the earth, Noah also.

 4. Adam was placed in a garden to dress and keep it. Noah planted a vineyard.

 5. In this garden Adam transgressed, and Noah fell from the product of his garden.

 6. The sin of Adam resulted in him being naked, as Noah was uncovered in his tent as a result of being drunk.

 7. Adam’s nakedness was covered by another, and Noah was covered by two of his sons.

 8. Adam’s sin brought terrible consequences upon his posterity, and Noah’s failure brought a curse upon his grandson Canaan.

 9. Immediately after Adam’s fall a wonderful prophecy was given that the seed of the woman would destroy the tempter, and after Noah’s fall a history of mankind was given that projected the great races of the1). Hebrew scholars tell us this was a deliberate act, not a drunken, unconscious one. So often intemperance and impurity go hand in hand. Let us now compare the history of Adam with that of Noah. 1. Adam was placed in earth. It was through the family of Shem that ultimately the Savior of the world would come (Gen. 9:26,27).

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