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Richmond Hill Middle School STEM program adds greenhouse
STEM grant from Rayoneer
From left to right, Karen Krupp (Bryan County Schools), Derrick Smith (Bryan County Schools), Dr. Paul Brooksher, Mike Bell (Rayonier), Amy Murphy (Bryan County Schools), Bill Cunningham (Raydient), Pamela Gunter (Bryan County Schools), Marianne Smith (Bryan County Schools) and Jason Rogers (Bryan County Schools). Photo provided.

Rayonier awarded $32,600 to Bryan County Schools to build a new state-of-the-art greenhouse at the Richmond Hill Middle School.

The greenhouse will serve as a platform for sustainable farm-to-table agriculture and aquaculture. The Richmond Hill Middle School STEM program students will plan, design and maintain the working greenhouse that will provide the school cafeteria and local community with a source of fresh farm-to-table produce.

“We are proud to continue to support the great work being done by the Richmond Hill Middle School's STEM program”, said Bill Cunningham, Director of Community Development, Raydient. “This new facility will provide a platform to build on their success.”

Bryan County Schools Board Chair, Amy Murphy, Vice Chair, Karen Krupp, District 4, Marianne Smith, District 3, Derrick Smith, District 1, Pamela Gunter and Superintendent Dr. Paul Brooksher along with Rayonier representatives participated in the award ceremony.

 “Rayonier continues to be the leader when it comes to supporting innovation and leadership within our local schools”, said Dr. Brooksher. “This most recent contribution to Richmond Hill Middle School highlights and reinforces Rayonier’s focus and commitment to community and quality education. We look forward to celebrating the opening of the new greenhouse at Richmond Hill Middle School in the fall of 2020.” 

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