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Hewitt announces bid for board of education seat
Patricia Hewitt
Patricia Hewitt

Patricia Hewitt, who is running as a Democrat for the District 5 seat on the Bryan County Board of Education, will face incumbent David Schwartz in the November election.

Schwartz submitted an announcement prior to the Republican primary. Hewitt recently emailed her announcement for publication, and the News is running an edited version as a public service to readers.


“As we prepare to embark on a new school year, I am excited to formally announce my candidacy for the District 5 seat on the Bryan County Board of Education. Let me share a little bit about myself and how I came to decide to run for this position,” Hewitt wrote, noting she “moved to Bryan County in December 2019 after first moving to Hinesville in 2015 to be closer to my family upon the death of my husband from younger- onset Alzheimer’s.” “I am part of a multi-generational household where I live with my daughter and three grandsons, two of which attend Bryan County Schools,” Hewitt continued. “I graduated cum laude from the University of Miami with a B.A. degree in English/minor Sociology. I have extensive business management experience including holding senior leadership roles in national companies where I oversaw division-level budgets and managed large teams of people.”

Hewitt invited readers to find out more about her on LinkedIn at https://

She listed service as a member of the Board of Tax Assessors in Liberty County and as a board member for what is now known as the Coastal Georgia Minority Chamber of Commerce.

Hewitt said she has been a volunteer educator for the Alzheimer’s Association and is a member of the Walk for Alzheimer’s 2022 committee in Savannah.

Why she’s running

Hewitt cited the school system’s rapid growth as one reason she’s seeking office.

“Our county is growing rapidly and that brings with it urgent, new demands on our school system which among other things, is now overseeing a $100 million+ budget with all the complexities that comes with that,” Hewitt said. “ I believe that my experience, talents, and commitment to Bryan County can benefit the Board of Education at this critical time in its development.

Hewitt further said she will “bring a spirit of collaboration, cooperation, and communication to the Board. With an emphasis on listening, working within the law and facts, and focusing on building and raising up all students of Bryan County, I believe in providing equitable public education across our schools.”

Hewitt said it’s important children have an environment which enables them to grow.

“To me, preparing our children for the future means providing an environment where each individual child can flourish according to their unique abilities and needs by giving them space, support, and expansive learning opportunities. It means working alongside our professionally-trained teachers and administrators to create more openings for parents to be responsibly involved in contributing to build a better school system,” she said. “I support public schools and believe it is the most effective way to prepare young citizens for a future where they will live, work, and play in communities of diverse family types, ethnic backgrounds, and spiritual beliefs.”

Hewitt said in her announcement she welcomes opportunities to talk to residents.

“I am looking for opportunities to meet you, so please contact me for a personal meeting or to host a larger meet-up. My email address is,” she said. “I invite you to follow my campaign on Facebook at Hewitt for District 5 and, if you’d like to support me, I would welcome any contributions. You’ll find a fundraising link on my Facebook page or directly through this fundraising link. Hope to see you soon!”

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