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BCSO reports: Drunk and naked on a tractor
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Public indecency, public drunk, DUI: A deputy was dispatched to Elm Drive in Ellabell around 2:30 a.m. on June 3 “for reports of two males with no clothes driving a tractor.” 

The deputy got there to find a BCSO sergeant with two men, ages 18 and 20, respectively, “detained next to a tractor,” and spoke to “both individuals; neither party had clothes on.” 

The deputy noted both men smelled of “an alcoholic beverage with bloodshot eyes,” etc. 

Both men were arrested, etc. on public drunk and public indecency, the driver was also charged with DUI. They were taken to jail. The tractor was towed. 

Matter of record: An employee of a Highway 144 convenience store told deputies around 8 a.m. June 3 he was working when a “male subject (possibly Latino) had entered the store and started walking around the store while staring at him. (The employee) stated the subject picked up a jar of salsa and walked it over to where the (employee) was sweeping and set it down on the counter and told (the employee) to pick it up. (The employee) was confused as to what the subject was intending by asking him to do this. (He) stated the subject then proceeded to step back and spit on the ground and tell (the employee) to set the broom down. (The employee) complied and set the broom down thinking the subject was about to initiated a physical altercation.”
The employee said “the subject then proceeded outside and then another subject came in and stated to him he was going to ‘die tonight.’” 

The employee told BCSO he “had  never seen these individuals before and has no idea why (they) confronted him.” 

They left in a silver Toyota pickup with a Florida tag, the report said. 

 June 1: 

Ruby Drive: Deputies were sent to a residence “in reference to an active shootout” between a man with a handgun and a Bulloch County man with an AR-15. No one was killed. The man with the AR-15 was arrested on aggravated assault charges. 

June 2 

Oak Level Road: A man said he wanted a vehicle parked on his property removed because the man who parked it was in jail. A check of the Vehicle Identification Number showed it had been reported stolen in Richmond Hill. RHPD officers recovered the vehicle. 

Highway 280: A check of a tag on a parked pickup revealed the owner was wanted in another county. The man ran off. His pickup was towed. A warrant will be taken out.  

Old Patrick School Road: A man taking care of property for the owner reported a trailer came unhooked from a truck on the road damaging the fence, brick columns and driveway drainage system. He wanted a report along with an accident report.  

Harliegh Lane: A man reported his girlfriend was acting crazy and started packing up his belongings for a community yard sale. He said she needed mental help. EMS was called but the woman refused to go along with them for a mental health checkup.  A deputy later got a mental health evaluation order from probate court and the woman was taken to a mental health facility.  

Deer Run Road: A man said he was driving on I-16 when he hit a box in the middle of the road. The man said the packaging material in the box came out and some of it wrapped around his drive shaft. 

Williams Drive: Deputies responded to a burglar alarm at a residence and found signs of attempted forced entry. Deputies gave homeowners tips to make it harder to break in. Apparently nothing was taken. 

Highway 17: A deputy reported a man she’d arrested for an earlier incident was following her and filming her with his cell phone. 

June 3: 

Highway 204 at Red Bug Road: A man reportedly was driving a four-wheeler drunk with three children as passengers and got the four-wheeler stuck in a ditch full of water. He was arrested, the children were given a ride home by a deputy. 

Fort McAllister Road: A man was punched and momentarily knocked unconscious by another man, who left immediately after.  

North Main Street: A deputy helped a Pembroke Police Department officer by checking on an alarm that had gone off while the officer was busy. All doors and windows were secure and there was no one in the area. 

George Edwards Road: Deputies were sent to an address regarding a 911 hangup. The homeowner said she dialed the wrong number while trying to reach her daughter. “She advised she was grateful for the fast response.” 

Mill Creek Church Road: Deputies were sent to an address due to suspicious activity. The homeowner reported his shed was unlocked and open last weekend and this weekend it was locked from the inside. A deputy was able to able to get the door open and reported it might have been stuck. Nothing appeared to be missing. 

Hanover Place: A man reported two packages were stolen in front of his garage. The packages included a lawnmower and Weedeater and had been delivered the day before. The man said he didn’t have security cameras and because the neighborhood was still being developed there were no houses near his. 

Eldora Road at Highway 280: A deputy checking tags while on patrol showed that the driver of a Toyota pickup was wanted on “multiple felony warrants from multiple jurisdictions.” He was arrested. 

Maple Drive: A woman hit a power pole with her pickup on her way home from work, knocking it over. The woman, who was already at home, was reportedly under the influence and was cited for DUI, failure to maintain lanes and failure to notify the owner after hitting the pole.  

June 4: 

Eton Court: Deputies responded to a verbal dispute between a couple getting a divorce.  

Haymans Drive: A woman reported her neighbors were neglecting a pit bull. The deputy confirmed the dog was in need of food and contacted animal control. 

Sgt. Michael Larson Drive: A woman asked to speak to a deputy she’d made a report to earlier. The deputy was off duty, so a message was left for her to contact the woman. 

Olive Branch Road: A woman handed a clear plastic bag of with a white powdery substance to a deputy. It had been found in the room where someone had suffered a possible overdose. The substance tested positive for cocaine was marked to be destroyed. 

Lee Road: A 911 call said a woman was being held at gunpoint but hung up, then hung up when dispatchers tried to call back and get more information. The resulting investigation led to the arrest of a woman for false report of a crime and drug charges. 

Lee Road: A woman involved in an incident was arrested for obstruction, criminal trespass and false report of a crime. 

Lansing Drive: A man reported someone vandalized his Rainbird sprinkler control box on the inside and outside of his residence. A check showed the boxes may have been hit by lightning instead. The man asked for a report for insurance purposes. 


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