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BCSO blotter: Mail truck stopped for poking in left lane on I-95
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports: 

Trucks clogging traffic: This reportedly occurred around 10 a.m. Dec. 2 when a deputy saw a semi headed northbound on I-95 in the fast lane.

“The semi truck’s slow speed and lane position caused traffic … to become congested for nearly a half mile, the deputy reported, and noted as he got closer, he was able to see three semis “in close proximity of each other in the three lanes.

So, the deputy pulled over the one in the far-left lane (driving in the far left lane because that’s a no-go for big rigs). The deputy then ran the driver’s license and found it had been suspended in New York. The driver was arrested for suspended license and left-hand lane violation. As for the truck he was driving, the deputy reported “the regional post master … was contacted regarding the US Mail (Priority) and the truck was taken to the US Post Office in Savannah to be reloaded onto another vehicle.” The truck’s owner/broker was also contacted and was headed down from Atlanta to pick it up.

Civil matter: A bishop from New York came to BCSO in Richmond Hill on Dec. 1 to file a “petition for contempt in Bryan County” on a man to collect a court-awarded $50,917.69 debt from a man who once lived here. The bishop said the man moved from New York to Savannah in 2012, then relocated to a Richmond Hill address to avoid paying him. The bishop said the man bought and then sold the Richmond Hill property and the proceeds from the sale had been awarded to the bishop “by a previous court case in New York.” The bishop said the man who owes him now lives in Detroit. The deputy said he’d file a report but the bishop needed to contact the Bryan County Clerk of Courts office to file a suit for the property in Richmond Hill.

Missing person: A deputy checking the Dollar General on Highway 204 around 1:30 p.m. Dec. 2 was told by the manager there was a woman “sitting on the floor in one of the aisles in the store.” The deputy went to the woman and told her hello but didn’t get a response. So he shook her shoulders to “see if she was ok and she started talking to me as if I startled her,” the report said. A check showed she was listed as missing out of Hinesville and had a warrant in Effingham County. She was taken to Effingham County.

Matter of record: A deputy was sent to a Richmond Hill address around 10 p.m. Dec. 5 where he met with a man and his wife. “Complainant advised that his wife came home drunk from the daughter’s house and was upset with him for an unknown reason and began yelling. During her rant a can opener was thrown at him and he was punched in the nose.” The woman, who was listed as 53, “advised that she is tired of her husband’s crap, the rest of her statement did not make much sense due to her intoxicated state.”

Deputies couldn’t find any injuries to substantiate the husband’s allegation, the wife said she’d go stay with a friend. Another deputy gave her a lift.

Theft: An Ellabell man reported Dec. 4 somebody stole his mailbox.

“(He) advised that when he went to check his mail he realized that his mailbox was missing. (His) mailbox was the only one missing from a group of four.”

Further, the man “suspected (a person) stole the mailbox due to him being evicted from (the man’s) residence. (The man) also said that other things, such as nails in the tires, have been occurring.”

The man was given a case number.

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