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Book review: 'The Final Spark' is electrifying ending to Michael Vey series
Utah native and best-selling author Richard Paul Evans' seventh and final book in his popular Michael Vey series,"The Final Spark," was released this month. - photo by Tara Creel
"MICHAEL VEY 7: The Final Spark," by Richard Paul Evans, Simon Pulse/Mercury Ink, 336 pages (f)

The seventh book in the New York Times best-selling Michael Vey series, "The Final Spark," gives readers excitement, new characters and themes and most importantly, closure.

When the sixth book in the series left off, Michael Vey was missing and his friends in the Electroclan had blown up the island of Hades. With a cliff hanger like that, the seventh book was highly anticipated by its fans.

"The Final Spark" opens with the Electroclan determined to find Michael and take down the villainous Dr. C. James Hatch who somehow survived the explosion. But Hatch won't make it easy on the Electroclan, and their disagreements cause them to splinter wreaking havoc on their side of the revolution and threatening the resistor's success.

Longtime readers of the series will find the villain, Hatch, more unbearable than ever, which will have them rooting for his downfall. While this is the seventh book, Evans manages to reveal things about his characters and the revolution and bring his story back to the beginning truly showing his foresight as a writer and the story's evolution. Evans also introduces multiple new characters in this series as he wraps up the original characters' storylines.

Filled with a lot of planning and military tactics, Evans still includes some twists and turns, taking the Electroclan to their lowest point in the series.

As the series finishes, Evans provides resolution and closure for the readers while stlil keeping the outcome realistic and believable.

Told in third person with alternating points of view, the narration does get confusing at times, but if the reader has read the previous books, it won't be hard to follow the story.

However, with so many of the previous characters non-existent in this concluding installment, and a lot of new themes introduced, it is recommended to read the rest of the series before picking up "The Final Spark."

"The Final Spark" has no foul language or sexual content. It does contain some violence with the battle scenes, but nothing of a graphic nature.
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