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Have You Seen This? Amazing video of snakes chasing baby iguana
Have You Seen This? Amazing video of snakes chasing baby iguana - photo by John Clyde

Possibly the greatest scene in documentary history. Incredible. #PlanetEarth2

(@MrLukeJohnston) November 7, 2016PLANET EARTH The BBC series "Planet Earth" took the television world by storm in 2006. The documentary was beautiful and mesmerizing, so it came as no surprise when "Planet Earth 2" was announced people got excited.

Well, when the miniseries premiered I don't think anyone was expecting this scene of a baby iguana running for its life from a pack of racer snakes.

If that sounds terrifying, don't worry, it totally is. I had to muster the courage to watch this thing, but I'm ever so happy I did. Watching this lizard run away from what seems to be countless snakes is probably the most intense and heart-pounding chase scene in the history of cinema. Sorry "Fast and Furious," but your muscle cars have nothing on this reptiles.

This video is an emotional roller coaster that includes terror, sadness, excitement, pain and ultimately victory. It will go down in history as one of the most amazing scenes in television history and for good reason.

Check out the video, but be warned, it will get your heart pounding.
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