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8 characteristics all attractive women have in common
Want to know the secret to attractive women? They all have these 8 characteristics in common. - photo by Hannah Rose
Attraction is a funny thing. Its the invisible pull that brings two people together.

The theory of attraction has introduced filters, beauty care products, tanning beds and high social expectations. It has created a standard that at times can seem too high to achieve.

Women have began to believe their self-worth and attractiveness is solely dependent on their pretty face and new clothes. Trust me, men are looking for so much more.

Below are the eight characteristics men find most attractive. Do they surprise you?

1. Confident in her future

A woman that knows exactly what she wants and how she is going to get it is attractive. Scientists have proven individuals that believe in themselves full-heartedly gain the strength, courage and confidence they need to look fear in the face and accomplish their goals. A woman who has a determination to accomplish her dreams and not be sidetracked is admirable. She has a strong drive and dedication to a cause much larger than herself, and shows her ability to see beyond the present time to a bright and bigger future.

2. Faith in God

A woman whose life is centered around faith is attractive. She knows her purpose and is able to build a standard of moral value to live and hold herself accountable for. She is unapologetic in her resolve to be her best self. She lives her life and allows others to do the same. It is her moral and spiritual faith that drives her to love and serve others.

3. Open-minded

A woman who can look past her own thoughts and entertain the belief of others is attractive. She is a natural leader that can take all of the thoughts and perspectives of those around her to help her make well-educated decisions that work for the benefit of those around her.

4. Desire to be a mother

A woman who desires to be a mother is attractive. According to a Pew research study, 93 percent of men have noted the number one quality they look for in a woman is her ability to be a good mother . A man is attracted to a woman who wants to build a future with him.

5. Positive thinker

A woman that can see the good in every conversation is attractive. She is able to look forward to a bright and optimistic future that is filled with success and longterm happiness. She is able to have a vast perspective on what matters most in life. Trials remain temporary and a happy future is obtainable.

6. An adventurous spirit

A woman who wants to get out and experience new things is attractive. She loves to learn, grow and feel new things, and this inspiration is what drives her to go well beyond her comfort zone. She is not afraid to try new foods, attempt foreign activities and sing out loud in the car. She is able to let loose and her free spiritedness influences you to get out of your shell as well.

7. Willing to talk to anyone

A woman that is not afraid to strike a conversation with anyone is attractive. She is a strong conversationalist and can find a point to talk about with just about everyone she encounters. She can relate to elderly, children and peers alike. Her energetic social skills are attractive and inviting.

8. Exercise

A woman that recognizes the importance of exercise is attractive. Getting your sweat on at least once a day boosts your energy, confidence and outlook on life. She understands the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.
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