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Hooked up: Inshore bite still there
Capt. Judy Augusta group
While inshore fishing with Captain Matt Williams for Miss Judy Charters this group of Augusta, Ga., fishermen had one heck of a catching keeping releasing blast! From left to right, Captain Matt Williams of Miss Judy Charters, Alex Hammond, Zack Baker (green), Alex Walker (blue), and Sean Ward (Flannel shirt) On the fish cleaning table is exactly what this group kept the rest was released unharmed back to the wild! And you know what that means? Those released are still a going and growing!. Here’s a list of what was released: two 24 inch red fish, one 25 inch red fish, one 29 inch red fish, one 18 inch striped bass aka rock fish and one hybrid bass aka cousins once removed and home grown rock white striped bass.

The inshore bite is not letting us down. Our inshore captains are catching lots of everything.  Now are some that aren’t keepers, but those that are, are nice ones for sure!  And here’s the thing when it comes to inshore fishing at this time of the year.  It can be lots of catching, lots of releasing, and lots of rod pulling fun! 

Let’s talk bait. 

Fishermen always ask, “What kind of bait were you using?”  The standard answer at this time of the year is live shrimp!   However, that answer is right and wrong!  They might start out with live shrimp, but they most of the time never finish with it!  Why?  They use up it all the bait way before its time!  So I suggest coming up with a bait plan.  Here are some pointers:  Always keep leftovers!  That means fresh dead shrimp that you find in the live well and part/pieces left on your hook. 

 Finger mullet also make great live bait at this time of the year.  And here’s the thing, their leftover parts and pieces also with get the job done.  And it is all about presentation, which means cut the leftovers up like a loaf of bread!  When you do this, this bait is known as mullet steaks!  And everybody loves a steak! 


As you know presentation is very important when it comes to getting a fish’s attention.  And sometimes one style will work over another.  Here’s a short list:  Assorted sizes of adjustable floats, popping corks adjustable or not, Carolina style rig, and then there is naked. What’s naked?  Just a leader with hook attached tied directly to the main line.  Baits swims where it’s thinks it safe and the smarter fish are usually waiting to ambush.  These are the keepers that you are looking to hook up!

 Artificial Reef Report

Forget getting any help from our feathered friends!  So far they have taken the month of October OFF! 

Water temps have dropped a bit, but not enough to make fish want to relocate better known as migrate!  So therefore the top what bite is solid for Spanish/king mackerel, little tunny, and barracuda.  I always suggest looking for any feeding birds and to fish there.  However, it seems the birds are taking a long vacation.  Why? When we started catching fish this past week they were clearly feeding making for some very interesting feeding opportunities for the birds.  However, they never showed!  So therefore just keep trolling or pitching over the structure!  Why? The fish are holding over and around the area. 

Winter Kings have arrived!

Yep, it is true when the yellow butterflies have arrived, which usually means the fall/winter kings have arrived!  Now for those that are scratching their head.  The butterflies and the mackerel migrate taking the same path.  As you know the butterflies fly over and the kings swim under the water.  I know your knew that, but I still had to add it for sure.  There are still some non-believers out there that don’t think these signs mean anything.  But if you have been around as long as I have believed me they are the real deal for sure!   No matter, if you want to catch kings,  now is the time! 

The artificial reefs located in 50 plus feet of water are the first place to look!

Kings are known for bulking up at every stop alone their way!  What do this mean?  You gonna catch them!  How you ask?  I prefer pulling a #3 planer with a 31/2 Drone spoon in tow.  The distance between the planer and the spoon normally is about 30 feet.  I like using 30 feet of 80 pound test monofilament and in about the center of this leader I tie in a 100 pound test swivel.  Don’t laugh the catching is definitely in the details.  I have tried leader with and without the added swivel so therefore testing on your end is not necessary. 

For those that want to light tackle live line well this is another grand bite opportunity for sure!  Kings love to eat Spanish sardines, cigar minnows; threadfin, blue runners, menhaden, and anything live/shinny that fits their hatch!   Don’t forget you light single strand wire, small treble hook, live bait hooks, sabiki bait rigs, make sure you live well is working, short/long gaff, and of course your camera!  Live lining for king macks is a lot of fun! 


Savannah Snapper Banks

Yep it is definitely time to make this run!  The fish bite is ON! 

 Gulf Stream

It won’t be long before the edge is formed!  What does this mean to you blue water fishermen? FISH HERE, BUT ONLY IF YOU WANT FISH ON!

For those of you that want to do a little fresh water fishing I highly suggest giving Mickey Holbrook owner operator of MAD GILLZ Fishing Guide Service a call.  (470 262 6035)  There are two things that we know for a fact ...and what is that?  Our new fresh water connection is Mickey Holbrook!  And I approved this message times two!

Little Miss Judy’s Believe It or Not will return next week! 

 Thanks for reading!  Captain Judy


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