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Boys’ wrestling: Bryan County, Richmond Hill fall short in state title hopes

Bryan County and Richmond Hill’s wrestling teams had both advanced to the Sweet 16 in their respective classes but they came up short in their attempt at winning a state championship in last weekend’s state duals (team) meet.

The Redskins, advancing to the state meet for the second time in the four years of the program, lost to Heard County, 66-18, and was then beaten by St. Francis, 56-24, in Class A which was won by Social Circle.

Richmond Hill dropped a 33-28 decision to Archer in its opening round Class 7A match and then stayed alive with a 70-9 win over East Coweta in the consolation round before losing to North Gwinnett, 30-28. Camden County won its 10th consecutive state title.

Richmond Hill’s girls' team will be wrestling in the girls' all-classes tournament this Friday and Saturday at the University of West Georgia.

The results:


190: Travis Abernathy (HC) over Trevor Wells, Fall 1:32; 215:  Will Mealer (HC) over Carlos Arias, Fall 2:21; 285:  Jett Lewis (BC) over Andrew Steele, Fall 2:20; 106:  Colin Bancroft (BC) by forfeit; 113:  Bailey Parker (HC) over Charles Hinely, Fall 0:48; 120:  Nicholas Trosper (HC) over Riley Shuman, Fall 1:39; 126: Michael Hedrick (HC) over Jayden Lee, Fall 4:54; 132:  Diego Padilla (HC) over Joshua Leach, Fall 2:41; 138:  Aiden Shelnutt (HC) over Will Patrick, Fall 3:02; 144:  Ronny Marlow (HC) over Grayson Kilpatrick, Fall 0:40; 150:  Mason Gillespie (HC) over Jorge Jimenez, Fall 2:53; 157:  Walker Gillespie (HC) by forfeit; 165:   Lane Moran (HC) over Gaige Javis, Fall 1:29; 175:  Raul Parrish (BC) over Payton Rakestraw, Fall 2:40.


215:  Carlos Arias by forfeit; 285:  Jett Lewis by forfeit; 106:  Charlie Dunn (SF) over Colin Bancroft, Fall 5:05; 113:  Max Kraselsky (SF) over Charles Hinely, Fall 0:44; 120:  Eli Pawlish (SF) over Riley Shuman, Fall 0:26; 126:  Pace Lilenfeld (SF) over Jayden Lee, TF 17-2; 132:  Egan Hadelman (SF) over Joshua Leach, Fall 3:00; 138:  Will Patrick (BC) over Cole Margavio, Fall 0:41; 144:  Chase Lent (SF) over Grayson Kirkpatrick, Fall 4:25; 150: Dylan Naish (SF) over Jorge Jimenez, Dec. 9-5; 157:  Kaon Cleland (SF) by forfeit; 165:  Cade Parent (SF) over Gaige Javis, Fall 1:42; 175:  Jack Kassler (SF) over Raul Parrish, TF 15-0; 190:  Trevor Wells (BC) over Cole Johnson, Fall 1:14.


175:  Alex Villarreal (NG) over DarVante Menzie, Fall 5:49; 190:  Trey Bowkett (RH) over Drey Bailey, Maj. 10-2; 215:  Quintin White (NG) over Blake Whitaker (RH), Dec. 6-2; 285:  Aiden de Wet (NG) Dimitri Shepherd, Fall 5:18; 106:  Carter Anderson (SRH) over William Spivack, Fall 3:39; 113:  Luke White (RH) over Dylan Boyce, Maj. 13-4; 120:  Nicholas Owens over Ty Boldin, Dec. 12-6; 126:  Brenden Fair (RH) over Mason Urie, TF 16-0; 132:  Jacob Sandler (NG) over Mathew Josefik, Dec. 9-6; 138:  Cody Willoughby (RH) over Kayden Suggs, Dec. 6-2; 144:  Miller Osteen (RH) over Colin Eyre, Fall 3:34; 150:  Max Indorf (NG) over Caden Whittaker, Dec. 4-2; 157:  Aidan Villarreal (NG) over Noah Hampton, Dec. 12-7; 165:  Connor Weaver (NG) over Lucas Raymond, Dec. 4-0.


215:  Blake Whitaker (RH) over Luciano Leporna, Fall 4:57; 285:  Mason Spellos (EC) over Dimitri Shepard, Fall 4:45; 106:  Carter Anderson (RH) by forfeit; 113:  Luke White (RH) by forfeit; 120:  Ty Boldin (RH) by forfeit;  126:  Brenden Fair (RH) over Sebastian Villacampa, Fall 3:00; 132:  Evan Sudduth (EC) over Mathew Josefik, Dec. 8-2; 138:  Cody Willoughby (RH) over Landen Woodard, Maj. 11-0; 144:  Areze Barnett (RH) over Tommy DiNucci, Fall 2:51; 150:  Caden Whittaker (RH) over Deonta McIntosh, Fall 5:49; 157:  Raymond Luna (RH) over Rodrigo Cordova, Fall 1:54; 165:  Noah Hampton (RH) by forfeit; 175:  James Key (RH) by forfeit; 190:  Trey Bowkett (RH) over Tyler Hollins, Fall 5:54.


215:  Jacqueese Willis (A) over Amir Wright, Maj. 16-6; 285:  Johnathan Williams (A) over Blake Whittaker, Maj. 9-0; 106:  Max Hennebaul (A) over Carter Anderson, Dec. 4-0; 113:  Jake Constantino (A) over Luke White, Maj. 12-0; 120:  Yusef Alvez-El (A) over Ty Boldin, SV-1 10-5; 126:  Brenden Fair (RH) over Manuel Magallon, TF 18-2; 132:  Jeremiah Toe (A) over Mathew Josefik, Dec. 7-1; 138:  Cody Willoughby (RH) over Nicholas Custer, Maj. 8-0; 144:  Miller Osteen (RH) over Yancy Hernandez, Maj. 11-1; 150:  Caden Whittaker (RH) over Gavin Frierson, Dec. 2-0; 157:  Dylan Frierson (A) over Raymond Luna, Fall 0:40; 165:  Cristian Sum (A) over Noah Hampton, Fall 3:48; 175:  DarVante Menzie (RH) over Diego Oquendo, Fall 4:52; 190:  Trey Bowkett (RH) over Antonio McCloud, Fall 3:29.


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